The WORKBENCH part 1

(Duineuk) #625

I’d a day off work so I designed this node case.

Needs a few tweaks still (and didn’t spot the clogged nozzle till too late) but I’m pretty happy for a few hours’ work.


(Amedee) #626

Today was the first sunny day since a long time…
Although it was pretty cold outside, my indoor gateway was sunbathing in the afternoon!

Perfect day to verify the fan was keeping the temperature on target

Happy with the result :slight_smile:


nice graph … what gateway and how do you control the fan ?? :wink:

I am doing a 24 H firmware GW test … well ventilated :

(Amedee) #628

I have a Raspberry Pi / IC880A DIY gateway with @dbrgn backplane. The backplane has a temp sensor and can drive a fan, so it is very easy to implement, but it can be done with any gateway. I would just recommend using a temp sensor and not rely on the cpu temperature as the resolution is not good enough to stabilise a PID controller.

The controller code is available on github


IP68 SP13 1 7Pin Waterproof Plug Socket Power Cable Connectors



buying in Germany… sofar so good :sunglasses:


I had seen them on AliExpress starting from 2 (or 3?) pin versions.
How are they / how is the quality?
Could you post another picture next to some other (familiair) object for a size impression?

(Remko) #632

I have to install a Microchip toolchain soon. Delivery was very quick!


very quick ! :smiley:


So you did order your 3D printer…? :wink:


wroom wroom


yes you can buy them from 2 to 7 pins
they look ok to me… haven’t tried them in the rain yet

The BARGAIN basement part 3
(LoRaTracker) #637

I have just been testing one of these, I like the fact that there is access to the Vin in pin, so you can choose what battery you want to connect. I spent a couple of days working out which pins you can use and which you cannot.


then maybe you can save me a couple of days :wink:

(LoRaTracker) #639

I will write it up as a blog post.

I needed an ESP32 board with Mikrobus sockets so I can do a link test to see if the extra EMI causes LoRasensitivity issues. For the PCB I needed to check which pins could be used for interrupts, switches, LEDs, chip selects and the UARTs.


yes that would be great thank you ! I will probably use it to control e paper screens


Injection Moulded in the UK

ideal for ruggedizing your TTN UNO

(Ebreyit) #643

Doesn’t look too bad.

I’m interested to see your results.

I might grab one.

(LoRaTracker) #644

Here we go, this is the list of pins I used on the NodeMcu32s and the functions I allocated to them;


great write up TNX !