The WORKBENCH part 1


LOL…actually i’m moving my little workshop to another room to fit more stuff… like an cnc machine and a 19’ inch rack

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Check Aldi. They have wall mounted storage options every so often for around 20 euros.


Thanks for the tips. Im glad I don’t have that much gear;) I love my small storage boxes from the action. Looking for space for all my tools. Printing some holders at the moment for screwdrivers pens etc.



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Ok you can stop now! starting to get jealous! :wink: Hope the wife doesn’t see this level of organisation…might set the wrong expectations…



Yesterday I was thinking about an environment sensor in combination with a LoRaWAN mobile device.
Sure you could send every X minutes temp / hum / CO2 / pressure / PM count ect. … it will cost a lot of energy but is it usefull to see that data ‘live’ ?

What if I store some sensors data locally (retrievable later) and only transmit 1, 2, times a day HIGH / time /LOW / time / average /
To try that concept I will mount an 32 kb FRAM on this board on the spot that is reserved for an authentication chip ATECC508A/ATSHA204A.

They are pincompatible and you create 32 kb external I2C storage. (think TTN keys too!)
Coding is straightforward and unlike Flash or EEPROM there’s no pages to worry about.
Each byte can be read/written 10,000,000,000,000 times so almost no wear leveling.
FRAM allows for a lower power usage and a faster write performance. It’s excellent for low-power or inconsistent-power datalogging or data buffering where you want to stream data fast while also keeping the data when there’s no power.



@jmarcelino … double sided sticky tape ? :sunglasses:



and there’s the FRAM and silicone sensor coating

wow… superfast delivery from FARNELL… top company ! (this is not an advertisement :sunglasses: )

  • if you don’t have an business account and live in the Netherlands you can order everything from FARNELL through this site -

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I also made myself that nice gift.
The video was instrumental deciding me I needed that toy along with my eyes not getting better with time passing.

Now waiting for package…



just to get an idea what industrial sensors and calibrated CO2 meassurement tools will set you back :scream:
here the online store from VAISALA … manufacturer from Finland







FRAM is alive :sunglasses:


another useful connector


we were to quick :sunglasses:


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Hey @BoRRoZ

I see you’re often here on the forums with many parts ;).
This shield is in my eyes more or less useless… I’ve three of them here… if you’re interested I can check shipping costs and send them to you free of charge!

Simply let me know…


Hey Mat… tnx, but no I don’t need them… maybe someone closer to you is interested ?

I am working on the sensor and then I can test this cheap enclosure… why do you think its useless ?

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Yeah, if someone is interested, simply drop me a message… I’ve three here (used) and maybe one unused… I’m not sure about that :smiley:.

I had them in use with temp sensors for outdoor temperature measurement, ventilation in the shield is very bad and as far as I can say, the plastic is a standard cheap plastic.Temperature readings are easily 5°C (or even more) too high in sun… I moved to a passive radiation shield from davis:

Much more expensive (it is also another kind of plastic they use) but it is worth it, I get now much more realistic measurements.

Here two pics of my two installations I’ve done:

Let me know if you have any other questions


tnx for the info Mat, yes its a cheap plastic enclosure but inside is a very accurate sensor.

I have 2 sensors a meter apart in different enclosures I want to test .
The enclosure in your link is 8x more expensive but if you’ve tested them worth the money I suppose.

btw did you import them to switserland or bought them locally ?

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I would also like to see your results, what type of sensors are you using?
I’m using DS18B20 and BME280 in the davis shield, and usem them also in the ‘cheap’ shields (I know, they are not very accurate… for a good accuracy a MCP9808 or similar should be used).

First I tested all sensors (2x BME280, 2x DS18B20) in the same enclosure (davis, as it provides much more space…) and I had an offset of 0.1 - 0.25 °C for the same type of sensor. Afterwards I moved one DS18B20 and one BME280 to the cheap enclosure. That was the way I ‘measured’ the difference. Unfortunately I don’t have the graphs anymore, if you’re interested in them I will recreate them from my mysql data.

ELV has also a swiss site:
You can directly buy from them and they will take care of all customs related stuff.