The WORKBENCH part 3

Nice, I let you doing it if you don’t care, may be change title to indicate for now just for contributors/testers


Nope, the led can’t be using during transmit/receive, connected to SPI clock used by RFM95, that’s a same, because I have no indicator (join, transmit, receive, …) like on Mini LoRa

And the Cayenne LPP format magic


ok… I’ll write an introduction with some links to your work and BLOG

btw… Cayenne LPP also integrated ?

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Well, yes sensors format but I don’t use the library, just hard code value depending on sensor

    uint8_t len = 0;
    uint8_t dev_idx = 1;
    uint8_t payload[32] ; // Max, not all will bu used, len is calculated on each data added
    uint8_t *p=&payload[0];
    uint16_t value;
    // This is very important, since we need to check battery voltage
    // you don't need to do this each wake up, but twice a day sounds good
    value = ulpn.readVBatAverage() / 10;
    *p++ = dev_idx++;
    *p++ = LPP_ANALOG_INPUT;
    *p++ = value >> 8;
    *p++ = value;

    #if DEBUG > 1
    DebugF("mV VBat=");

    value = ++frameCounter;
    *p++ = dev_idx++;
    *p++ = LPP_ANALOG_INPUT;
    *p++ = value >> 8;
    *p++ = value;


    #ifdef USE_SI7021
    if (ulpn.status() & RF_NODE_STATE_SI7021) {
      // Do a reading values OK ?
      if ( ulpn.si7021_readValues()==0 ) {

        // Now 291 means 29.1
        value = ulpn.SiTemp()/10 ;

        #if DEBUG > 0

        *p++ = dev_idx++;
        *p++ = LPP_TEMPERATURE;
        *p++ = value >> 8;
        *p++ = value;

        value = ulpn.SiHum();
        #if DEBUG > 0
        // Now the RH value 
        *p++ = dev_idx++;
        *p++ = value*2;
    } else {
      #if DEBUG > 0
      DebuglnF("No SI7021");

perfect !

  • running to the workbench to find an SI7021 :rofl:


I thought 'anti static ect ’ and they looked ok on the pictures So I ordered them.
arrived today, I could fit 3 fingers :roll_eyes:… must be for little chinese children in Iphone factory’s
and the quality… aaargh :rofl:


  • update
    the shop offered (I didn’t ask for it) me my money back, IF I would change my negative comments. (didn’t even know that is possible)
    These 'gloves are probably made in a cellar in Pakistan, Vietnam So I leave it… it’s useless garbage.

Simple, no regulator, nothing, just what you need

Nice isn’t it ?



yep… looks very nice. :smiley:
I did that too, but noticed problems after a while with humidity values not being correct with a sensor
inside that enclosure.

Interesting, did you find out the issue? moisture on the sleeve?

yes inside … very fine, gave most problems in cold weather/after rain, when the droplets formed



I need to test with coating spray on PCB :wink:

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to test that effect I was planning (but always 10 things at the same time) to build a special sensor, one that is inside its own chamber.
when you want to measure the mcu start the airpump for a few seconds just to let fresh air in.
and then measure and compare with the sensor in the casing.


but… you know how things go… :sunglasses:

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I can’t believe it, 2 years later I see Cayenne still not including a basic number (counter, whatever, …) I just need to send a number and see it without any calculation. I just want to send a field, even without unit, just a number, that’s too complicated, I guess so!

Guys, come on !!!


LPP 2.0 next month ? cool

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It looks pretty there is too much thermal mass around the sensor.

How and where do you find those enclosures for sensors?

I need something similar but don’t know the keywords.

I am happy to look in to it and contribute. However due to the holidays coming months it will delay until mid september before I have time available. That of coarse when you accept my help.


found them on the best LoRaWAN board :wink:

No problem I also need to put code on github, may I have your github account by pm?

@BoRRoZ, could you please create the dedicated topic so we can continue discussion on it? thanks

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A new delivery of Temperature and Humidty sensors has arrived for our TTN-Apeldoorn Heat stress project we do in coorporation with our township.