The WORKBENCH part 3

It looks pretty there is too much thermal mass around the sensor.

How and where do you find those enclosures for sensors?

I need something similar but don’t know the keywords.

I am happy to look in to it and contribute. However due to the holidays coming months it will delay until mid september before I have time available. That of coarse when you accept my help.


found them on the best LoRaWAN board :wink:

No problem I also need to put code on github, may I have your github account by pm?

@BoRRoZ, could you please create the dedicated topic so we can continue discussion on it? thanks

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A new delivery of Temperature and Humidty sensors has arrived for our TTN-Apeldoorn Heat stress project we do in coorporation with our township.


done… if its ok with you sofar ?

btw … I wanted to put your company site in the topic start
Houston… you have a problem :wink:

but what’s inside that plastic wrap ? … I’m always curieus :wink:

AM2305 Temperature Humidity sensor

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My SHT31-DIS-F Outdoor Node is now ready to install.



looking sharp !

did you made the sensor shield yourself ?

yes with a 3d printer

cool !

a look inside




waiting now for some copper ‘bus’ bar strips


Thanks, fixed, danmed certbot old version that do not restart nginx ;-(

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Where did you get the lora node housing from ?

Enclosure from Spelsberg TG PC 1212-6-o

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With “AVR quirks” are refering to the AVR 8-bit (ATmega) stuff or to SAMD? If SAMD, what quirks and oddities are you referring to?

AVR quircks. Like if you declare a GPIO as input that you can write to it to enable the pullup. This type of bizarre thing.