The WORKBENCH part 3

I am happy to look in to it and contribute. However due to the holidays coming months it will delay until mid september before I have time available. That of coarse when you accept my help.


found them on the best LoRaWAN board :wink:

No problem I also need to put code on github, may I have your github account by pm?

@BoRRoZ, could you please create the dedicated topic so we can continue discussion on it? thanks

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A new delivery of Temperature and Humidty sensors has arrived for our TTN-Apeldoorn Heat stress project we do in coorporation with our township.


done… if its ok with you sofar ?

btw … I wanted to put your company site in the topic start
Houston… you have a problem :wink:

but what’s inside that plastic wrap ? … I’m always curieus :wink:

AM2305 Temperature Humidity sensor

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My SHT31-DIS-F Outdoor Node is now ready to install.



looking sharp !

did you made the sensor shield yourself ?

yes with a 3d printer

cool !

a look inside




waiting now for some copper ‘bus’ bar strips


Thanks, fixed, danmed certbot old version that do not restart nginx ;-(

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Where did you get the lora node housing from ?

Enclosure from Spelsberg TG PC 1212-6-o

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With “AVR quirks” are refering to the AVR 8-bit (ATmega) stuff or to SAMD? If SAMD, what quirks and oddities are you referring to?

AVR quircks. Like if you declare a GPIO as input that you can write to it to enable the pullup. This type of bizarre thing.

Do you mean that in order to be able to select a different upload speed, when using your bootloader it is not required to use your boards definition but for the MiniCore bootloader it is required to use your boards definition?
(And of course this will be limited to the boards defined in your boards definition.)

IIRC upload speeds are defined in the boards definition, not in the bootloader(?), because in that case your boards definition would be required for your bootloader as well (if one wants to change upload speed).

What is the upload speed used if it cannot be changed in the IDE (i.e. when not using your boards definition) and would that fixed upload speed cause any problem (other than that it is slower)?

my bootloader is almost the same than mini core (may be blinking led twice at startup on mine) but core is the same. If you flash bootloader to run at 250KBPS (mine or mini core) you won’t be able to upload with mini core Arduino IDE definition because you can’t change speed of upload (in this case 250KBPS)

On upload view, the only difference on my boards definition and mini core is that mine allow to select upload speed so if you change the default one which are for mini-core 16MHz 115200 and for 8MHz 38400.

Anyway, you can upload with my boards to mini core and vice versa but if you use different speed than the 2 above you need my board definition (or change the one of mini core)

My 2 cents, avoid any issue, if you flash bootloader flash the 250K version, upload is a must and works even at 4Mhz