The WORKBENCH part 4


Downlink is coming, don’t forget to reverse your IQ polarity so that the packet knows which way to go :wink:



it’s my TTN birthday today… time flies and now … PARTY ! pompom


lesson learned from the past, before wiring up everything, test individual ‘china’ modules.
here the 3231 RTC… is it still working ? and what about the coin cell voltage ect.



  1. A disadvantage of those black-yellow boards is that the 32Khz pin is not exposed.
  2. It is easy to make the board yourself (I prefer the smaller version of the DS3231 IC):
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most of them, thats true
THIS one , mini RTC pro , has that pin exposed and a battery backup… very important for me



You get the cake…I’ll bring the beers! :slight_smile:

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Just realised Neil @ Multitech had kindly shipped the LTE enabled version - MTCAP-L4E1…excellent!

Have got a couple of spare Data SIM’s here…

:thinking: guess what I will be doing tomorrow! :laughing:

Back to N.West later in the week and have the perfect site lined up to use it if I can arrange short notice access. Warrington Community should have a new GW online by the weekend…

that depends on the beer quantity … probably you only open the package :partying_face:


what’s your favorite RTC library ?

This one because I wrote it. It is not for Arduino… :man_shrugging:
Did you know the IC also has a temperature sensor in it. It is accurate enough to measure the temperature inside a project box.

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yes I know… I used it sometimes tnx :sunglasses:

@Jeff-UK :rofl:


the 1200 lipo’s am looking to use are only 56x28x9 so plenty of space…the 800’s & 900’s even smaller…

talk to him :wink:

And your battery holder / contacts are some wads of aluminum foil? :rofl:

it seems to really bother you :rofl:


waiting for the GPS module