Took my MOTE 2483 for a drive....stopped sending data

I have recently setup a LORA gateway and I have been testing with the MOTE 2483 - all working well. I wanted to test the range, and put the MOTE into my car and drove around my town, randomly sending data on a button push (Using TTN Mapper).

Only one point was measure and then it seemed to stop, once I returned home, I notice no data had been sent - even since being back at home, so I power cycled the MOTE and rejoined OTAA and it work. It was almost like once it had moved out of range of the gateway it stopped and gave up,

Is this normal behaviour? I would expect it to broadcast even once out of range of my “home” gateway.

Am I missing something?

That really depends on the behavior of your node firmware.

Why not enable as much serial logging as you can, get it started, and then turn off your gateway and see what the node says it is doing? If there are other gateways in range you might need to put your node in a cookie tin or replace the antenna with a 50 ohm resistor.

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