Transceiver for Power Consumption

Hello everyone,

i want to do some Power Consumption Calculations (and Simulations) for an exemplary LoRa-Node.
In consultation with my University we have chosen this one:

I cant find any Information about the tranceiver/chip for this LoRa-Node.
Does anyone have some Information about it? If so a source would be nice :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

A lot of TTN nodes would be based on the SX1276, you will find the current consumption figures at various power levels it its data sheet.

As for power consumption when the device is not sending the sensor data, that depends on how the node is built and with what, it could have a current consumption as low as 1-2uA or 50mA+.

I assume you might get the Information from.

MM002 modules

This module integrates a SX1272 LoRa transceiver from Semtech and a low power ARM Cortex M3 controller