TTGO-T-Beam registered in TTN

With the help of this program, I have uploaded the program into my TTGO-T-Beam board with Device EUI, APP EUI and APP KEY. But the status of this device in console application is still ‘never seen’ and there is no results collected shown in TTN. Should I change something in paxcounter.file or should I do something on payload decoder?

Hope someone can get some advice.

Thank you.

When I upload the program (comes from github and have changed the loraconf.h with APPEUI and APPKEY) into TTGO-T-Beam borad



static const u1_t DEVEUI[8] = { 0xCC…0xFF };

static const u1_t APPEUI[8] = { 0x70… 0x22 };

static const u1_t APPKEY[16] = {0x3F…0x0F};

#endif // HAS_LORA

In serial monitor , it showed that:

[I][main.cpp:134] setup(): Starting PAXCNT v1.7.841
[I][main.cpp:147] setup(): This is ESP32 chip with 2 CPU cores, WiFi/BT/BLE, silicon revision 1, 4MB external Flash
[I][main.cpp:149] setup(): Internal Total heap 255004, internal Free Heap 228556
[I][main.cpp:152] setup(): SPIRam Total heap 4194252, SPIRam Free Heap 4194252
[I][main.cpp:155] setup(): ChipRevision 1, Cpu Freq 240, SDK Version v3.2-18-g977854975
[I][main.cpp:157] setup(): Flash Size 4194304, Flash Speed 40000000
[I][main.cpp:158] setup(): Wifi/BT software coexist version 1.1.5
[I][main.cpp:162] setup(): IBM LMIC version 1.6.1468577746
[I][main.cpp:167] setup(): Arduino LMIC version
[I][macsniff.cpp:36] printKey(): DevEUI: CC…FF
[I][macsniff.cpp:36] printKey(): AppEUI: 70…22
[I][macsniff.cpp:36] printKey(): AppKey: 3F…F0F
[I][main.cpp:172] setup(): TinyGPS+ version 1.0.2
[I][configmanager.cpp:185] loadConfig(): Reading settings from NVS
[I][configmanager.cpp:50] open_storage(): Opening NVS
[I][configmanager.cpp:55] open_storage(): Done
[I][configmanager.cpp:199] loadConfig(): NVRAM settings version = 1.7.841
[I][configmanager.cpp:217] loadConfig(): bsecstate = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:222] loadConfig(): lorasf = 9
[I][configmanager.cpp:230] loadConfig(): txpower = 15
[I][configmanager.cpp:238] loadConfig(): adrmode = 1
[I][configmanager.cpp:246] loadConfig(): screensaver = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:254] loadConfig(): screenon = 1
[I][configmanager.cpp:262] loadConfig(): countermode = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:270] loadConfig(): sendcycle = 30
[I][configmanager.cpp:278] loadConfig(): wifichancycle = 50
[I][configmanager.cpp:286] loadConfig(): wifiantenna = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:294] loadConfig(): vendorfilter = 1
[I][configmanager.cpp:302] loadConfig(): rgbluminosity = 30
[I][configmanager.cpp:310] loadConfig(): blescantime = 8
[I][configmanager.cpp:318] loadConfig(): BLEscanmode = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:326] loadConfig(): rssilimit = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:334] loadConfig(): payloadmask = 255
[I][configmanager.cpp:342] loadConfig(): Monitor mode = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:350] loadConfig(): Run mode = 0
[I][configmanager.cpp:357] loadConfig(): Done
[I][main.cpp:182] setup(): PSRAM found and initialized
[I][main.cpp:215] setup(): Starting LED Controller…

And other function are also setup. It seems the uploaded and connection work is well.

And In TTN website, the Activation Method is set to OTAA. The Frame counter width is set to 64bits.

But the status is still never seen. I use my own gateway but cannot find the information in this forum to check my nodes connection.

Thank you.

I have the same problem. Did you get any solution for this?

Please try current version from development branch, and report here if you see a difference.