TTIG Gateway Issues Started on Feb 9, 2022

I am a non-techie so excuse the descriptions and terms. I purchased the TBMH100 Gateway about a year ago and was able to find someone to connect it up in October of 2021. The gateway relayed information from a Radio Bridge 10 meter water rope to the router and over to the Radio Bridge Dashboard. All worked well for a few months but something happened on February 9, 2022. Around that date did something change on The Things Network that would result in information no longer being relayed? Would this change require me to update something somewhere? Firmware version is 2.0.4. The MFG date was 2019-07-06 00:41:41. The FW Build was 202-05-07 16:03:53. The Core version is 2.0.4(minhub/debug).