TTIG non-response to first post

I don’t have one two min search on here.

@vicatcu Please post when you found the solution as well, as most people don’t, so it makes it difficult to assist the next person

Right, point taken, will do.

Please see comment above - 4 days! Of which for both Nick and myself 2 are weekend!

For the record:

If none tech then usually buyers of an ‘appliance’ would not jump on a forum, or perhaps if willing to ‘try’ something to diagnose and fix… but rather if my kettle broke down in <12 months I would contact seller and ask for replacement - oh yeh just did that (thanks Amazon - kettle lasted 4 months then died dho!) …didnt bother with a forum. Also hummmm yes did that with one of the 1st 5 TTIGs I ever got - 4 were fine one just blinked away (IIRC) no joy…turned out our friends at RS Components had mis-shipped a US915 vs EU 868…ok I looked at forum 1st and when no joy (there were <500 in the field at that time, most of which had been given away free at the TTC AMS 2018, so little experienceto be shared by forum contributors) I risked warranty out of curiocity and took apart - discovered there was a 0ohm? SMT resistor on board connected to nothing near one edge that indicated build standard - EU868 vs US915! They replaced as soon as they had new stock… guess there is some experience here…

…and NO I dont feel a need to ‘defend mysel’ as wasnt aware that no response was a crime! :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:

Maybe I could recommend you purchase this book: How to Win Friends and Influence People - Wikipedia

And, technically, we are responding to you, not the OP.

And we are not senior members, just moderators that spend way too much time trying to help people get the most out of LoRaWAN for their communities.

Is it OK to use something (for free) without understanding what you are getting in to? Where does it say that anyone is obliged to help out?

My consciousness is so clear, it looks like Glacial run off. We are not defending ourselves, we are protecting the community from the mis-understanding that this is a support channel that engages directly with TTI with some expectation of response in the context of getting a very complex server service for free.

It’s @descartes BTW - to be clear and passive aggressive, you want me to link to the instructions for the TTIG that a forum or Google search would bring up? But thank you @Johan_Scheepers for providing that for us all.

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Again, I’m not looking for a fight. The OP obviously had a gateway that was working, and then stopped working. Given that recently things went from V2 to V3 it’s not unreasonable to imagine this has nothing to do with the OP’s hardware. I just think we could stand to be a bit more welcoming here, and give people the benefit of the doubt. I know I have felt that way at times, and I’m just empathizing. That’s all.

Erm, that was all done 1st December, so actually unreasonable. Or at least unrealistic.

We never criticised the OP - just pushed back on your view.

Why don’t you turn up more often and welcome people?

Using my soapbox: The community is you as well, so feel free to help out. Don’t expect the few regulars to answer all questions as we don’t know all and simply don’t have time to help everyone.

I hear you, please consider me properly dunked on, I was just trying to help get that OP attention because I thought it was a well-formed straightforward question that I didn’t know how to advise or answer myself. I suppose I succeeded in getting it attention, but trust me, I wasn’t intending to offend anyone. In retrospect, I should have kept inflammatory language about disappointment out of it.

Glad to hear it - and neither was OP :wink:

Actually that was 3 months ago tomorrow/Tuesday - and any TTIGs not migrated by users at time of V2 sunset were auto-migrated by TTI Core team shortly after, and given there are thousands in the field I think we can assume no relation to that transition, though as Nick highlighted there seems to have been a few wrinkles that we are still trying to evidence and understand after latest V3.13.8 or whatever version (Actually V3.18.0) was rolled out last Monday morning…maybe a link there, but tenuous/circumstancial as yet and wouldn’t elicit an immediate response in this context until confirmed or more condeming evidence found, (note add OP’s ‘a few days ago’ to the 4days since post and we get back to Monday perhaps?)

Rather if you search forum and slack over recent days (certainly this last month, there has been instance of suspect hardware fail and where TTI Core have offered for the channel to replace in return for dead unit being sent in for investigation (they take these things seriously!).

No issues with OP… your

Was the issue…I know we live in times where people have expectation of instant gratification but as they say the impossible we can do quite quickly but miracles take a little time (or something similar! :wink: ) :rofl:

If I would know the answer I would have tried to find time to help. However it seems I am lucky (or some users unlucky) because all of my TTIGs work without issue. Haven’t had any questions from the few customers I sold units to either so I regard them as stable and easy to use.

@vicatcu, your time to shine - the OP has returned two days after a posted an answer and needs help with a link to deleting gateways and claiming TTIGs on the console.

Usually I just say that the documentation is linked at the bottom of every single console page, bottom right, but I’ve already given him an answer, so you can have go now :wink:

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Happy to do that, but slightly concerned about giving bad advice, given your note about being careful. Picking up the breadcrumbs about documentation I got to here: ttn-lw-cli gateways delete | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

What’s not clear to me (trying to put 2 and 2 together here) is after you run that command if it becomes impossible to add that same gateway EUI to the console again (apropos your comment in the OP).

What’s wrong with just using the CLI.

Oh dear.

I never said that.

I’ve never said that.

I’ve spent months telling people that that’s not what I said.

We’ve spent since July 2021 endlessly telling people that that’s not what it says and that if they read what we put they will be able to make progress. But for some reason at least two or three people have to tell them before they read the advice given.

So now you know how much fun (or is it frustration) we have, which causes us to hope to god that someone else will answer a query, which is why they get left, please go back and read what I actually put …

Have you deleted from the console and re-claimed (bearing in mind you can’t recycle the gateway id)? I wouldn’t try this unless I was really desperate or me (because I have other gateways and danger is my middle name).

It’s not obvious to me why you qualify “bearing in mind that you can’t recycle the gateway id” … what is it you are warning against here. It also adds an air of danger when someone as experienced as you suggests that this shouldn’t be done unless one is desperate… why not, what’s the possible harm?

I think I get it after doing some more research on other posts and reading your words much more carefully. All you are saying is that the ‘arbitrary’ string Gateway ID can’t be re-used, but that doesn’t preclude deleting a Gateway with EUI so-and-so, and then doing the “Claim Gateway” process again to re-add it under a new ‘arbitrary’ Gateway ID. Do I understand that correctly?

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OK, I took a crack at replying. Hopefully it’s helpful.

Yes, but TBH, it’s very very clear in the docs:

It’s a evening’s effort to scan through the docs and then your internal Google (the reticular activation system) will steer you quickly to the right info.

But we live in the FaceBook age of the amygdala in the driving seat and endorphin responses.

Hang out here and you’ll see questions from people that purchase first and ask questions later (actually one today). Or end up with something useable but try very hard to not learn the basics so struggle with simple issues for hours.

So if you’ve any ideas on what we can do to encourage people to make their first stop and then read the docs, we’d be all ears!