TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

(Jac Kersing) #430

There will be resellers. It was the same for the first TTN Gateway after the Kickstarter, only available at RS and Farnell, now there are resellers offering it.

(Jac Kersing) #432

Yes of course. Resellers need to handle warranty, customer complains, returns etc due to (European) law. Don’t expect them to do that without some financial compensation.

BTW, I was looking into setting up something like a group buy offering consumers the option to buy. Given the negative feedback I’m dropping that idea as I don’t want to handle the fallout if things don’t meet everyone’s expectations…

(Ud Lo Ra) #436

In Italy is available. I ordered one as private customer (so maybe it’s not TTI but German RS the problem).

(Remko) #438

Same here in The Netherlands

(bluesensing) #439

You got it as a single private person ?

(Jac Kersing) #443

I like the truth as well. And I told you my opinion straight.

For me you are ranting. I understand your frustration but like I said, contact the responsible people.
WE (the other members of this community) can not change what is bothering you.

Having said this, I would suggest one of the other moderators looks into this and starts deleting/moving as appropriate because we are way off topic with this discussion in this thread. A new thread on this topic would be more appropriate.

(Ud Lo Ra) #448

Yes, as a single private customer. Anyway, I would be more convinced of your point if you are able to provide some EU equivalent of the German “privat” site. I expect is just a matter of national tax rules.

(Verkehrsrot) #449

Can some TTIG owner here please check the precision of it’s time?
I recognized that the timestamps sent by my TTIG are around 800-900ms stale.
See server log below. The first gateway in the list is a MatchX1701, outdoor with gps.

 "gateways": [
      "gtw_id": "eui-40d63xxxxxxxxxx",
      "timestamp": 2739507028,
      "time": "2019-03-18T21:10:03.576662Z",
      "channel": 0,
      "rssi": -53,
      "snr": 10.5,
      "rf_chain": 1,
      "latitude": 52.xxxxx,
      "longitude": 13.xxxxx,
      "altitude": 60
      "gtw_id": "eui-58a0cbxxxxxxxxxx",
      "timestamp": 2922540588,
      "time": "2019-03-18T21:10:04.448339Z",
      "channel": 0,
      "rssi": -31,
      "snr": 11,
      "latitude": 52.xxxxx,
      "longitude": 13.xxxxx,
      "location_source": "registry"


Alle off the gateways looks here the same:

  > "gateways": [
"gtw_id": "ttn-Multitech",
       "gtw_trusted": true,
       "timestamp": 1772843603,
       "time": "2019-03-19T07:45:52Z",

"gtw_id": "ttn-Gateway",
      "gtw_trusted": true,
      "timestamp": 3556385187,
      "time": "2019-03-19T07:45:52Z",

"gtw_id": "eui-58a0cb-TTIG",
      "timestamp": 1290456539,
      "time": "2019-03-19T07:45:52.679976Z",
      "channel": 0,

At some ms the same


(Verkehrsrot) #451

Great, that’s exactly what i would expect.
But things are different here, question is why.
Since alle TTIGs do not have GPS and are uplinked via Wifi, the chain to get time from external time source should be always the same, so i assume this can’t make any difference.

What TTIG version do you use, EU or US?


Hello Verkehrsrot,

I use the EU version (based arround Amsterdam)

(Arjan) #453

Are you seeing the difference all the time, or is it better every now and then? When attaching the UART, you might see things like:

[SYN:INFO] Time sync qualities: min=108 q90=184 max=665 (previous q90=2147483647)
[SYN:VERB] Time sync rejected: quality=244 threshold=184

The same Basic Station documentation also states:

  • No Dependency on Local Time Keeping: Station obtains time synchronization from the LNS with no need for a local UTC-based clock. …
  • No Incoming Connections Configuration: … Time synchronization and shell access are managed via the LNS with no NTP or ssh required.

Finally, the LoRaWAN Network Server Protocol defines:

Transferring GPS Time
The LNS SHALL periodically send the following message to Station to transfer GPS time.

Now, define “periodically”…?

(Jezd) #454

Just spoke to RS UK and they are now saying expected 29/3 - this has slipped a week.

(Jeff Uk) #455

:frowning: Mine were due to ship today! …no comms from them

(Jezd) #456

Mine too, that’s why I called - also my order morphed into the following…

Hostaform Bevel Gear 30 Tooth 2 Mod 3:1
Stock no.: 1843981

I’ve no idea what they are doing

(Jac Kersing) #457

My order now costs 0 euro and when I try to look at the details:

No valid data found for this order

Not amused.

Edit: just called RS, part no longer available in Benelux. Customer service asked the responsible department to remove it and are waiting for response.
@wienkegiezeman what is happening?


database problems ?

(Jeff Uk) #459

Spotted the ‘Hostaform’ a couple of days back and was going to post pic on forum as a joke (rebranding?!) but figured best not in case it scared anyone! Now it looks more like a heads up! :wink:


Update on our side. We escalated this issue with RS. This is not how is should be. This was rushed through the systems and it looks like some errors were made. The gateways are in the warehouse of RS and they are working now to update their system so it can be ordered.

(Jeff Uk) #462

Hi Wienke, Mine were due to ship today, so given the news from @jezd & @kersing I called RS customer service about 15 mins ago, as online tracking system data incomplete. Where @jezd says he’s told now expected 29/3, I’ve just be told (5-6 hrs later) they are “on back order and due in from supplier” 30/3 (so dely to me will be later than that)… so when you say they are in RS’s warehouse that doesn’t stack…have they lost them? Can we offer them a LoRaWAN Tracker solution to keep track of the pallets!? :rofl:

I’m cool with waiting a short while longer (too many other tasks & product evals on anyhow!) but others getting v. frustrated and many feel history repeating from what I have seen around various fora and chats/pm’s. So if you can whip some sense into RS everyone will benefit I’m sure :wink:

:thinking: warehouse where in the world? Corby UK? APAC? USA? You had previously mentioned goods in EMEA, in context of CE approvals, so we are all hoping… :slight_smile: