TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

Hey Jack,

We performed some server updates to accommodate the newer batch of gateways. Your gateway should be online now.



Hi Krishna,

looks perfect :slight_smile:


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Today we received our first batch of TTIG’s.
I followed the steps of

The gateway connects to my WiFi network, leds blinks short period red/green (connecting to CUPS I think?) and then gets stuck in blinking fast green.

The gateway shows up in my wifi network as a connected client and gets an IP address.

The gateway is registed @ TTN but status stays not connected.

Any idea what would be wrong?

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 sounds like the symptoms described above, could you look into this?

@Wodec could you PM Krish the ID(s) so he knows what to look for?

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I received one gateway yesterday. The setup seemed to work fine and the LED is solid green. I can also see the gateway in the network. However, the status is the gateway is still unconnected in the gateway overview after twelve hours. The gateway has not been seen and there are no transmitted or received messages. Do you have any idea what might be wrong?

Never mind, it seems that I had used the MAC address to derive the EUI of the gateway. After I derived the EUI of the gateway using the identifier below the QR code, the gateway became connected.

It would make sense to add the EUI of the gateway for the beginners. That would be much easier.


Deriving the EUIs from the MAC address is explained here.

Also, the EUI is displayed in the web interface when configuring the Gateway WiFI settings (also shown in the above link.

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Is there currently any known issue why my TTIG isn’t show as connected in the console? Is it related to the UDP problem in EU currently? At least “last seen 7hours ago” and the time of the occurence of the problem on the ttn status page seems to be close together.

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“me too”.

uhh… confirmed



same for me

Registered gateways worldwide: 24317
currently active are: 6823, currently offline are: 17494 ?

update - one day later :
Registered gateways worldwide: 24467 (+150 !??)
Currently active are: 7198, currently offline are: 17269

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17494 down… ugh… massive downtime during holiday season…

According to this thread 8K 'Live' TTN GW's :-) there are approximately 8000 active gateways under normal circumstances.

My interpretation of the statistics is that gateways get registered by people and then for various reasons are no longer used but remain as registered gataways in the database. So 17494 might be ‘offline’ but many of those could have been in that state for many months and not as a result of a recent incident.

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My Gateway doesn’t work anymore either…
any solution peoples?

Received my TTIG monday. Setup OK : solid green and seen as connected in the console.

Since yesterday : quick green blinking and not connected. Factory reset and reconfiguration : no change.

Waiting for a 3.3V UART USB cable to provide more detailed information…


TTI is working hard to solve this… watch your GW’s / status page :sunglasses:

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We’re currently looking for new gateways, and we’ve had our eyes on two (The Things) gateways:

The Things Indoor Gateway

The Things Outdoor Gateway

We’re in doubt whether this is compatible with other network backends such as LoRa server. Or will this gateway only work for The Things Network? Perhaps the firmware is configurable?

A week ago I received 3 TTIG’s, two came online easily.

The third was harder. I don’t know if it’s related, but my wifi-pass contains spaces, and after I switched to a ssid without spaces in the pass, it came online immediately.

Now yesterday all the lost thier connection around the same time. They keep communitation (and getting response from the cloud), but as other writes they show up as not connected.

Is there any status on when our TTIG’s will be back online?


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