TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

(Meikelg) #209

when I had only 2 SSID in my list, I could delete one. Now I have 4 of 8, but there is no reaction on pressing ‘-’.

(Mathieu Pouillot) #210

My Gateway doesn’t receive all packets. I have a node which sending an uplink all minutes with rssi of -35 and snr of 8db, and the Gateway receives only 2 on 3 packets…
Furthermore, the tn server does’nt change the SF then ADR is set on my device….

(Jeff Uk) #211

Sounds like it is close by GW…try moving further away and let ADR run for >>20packets then report back :wink:

(Meikelg) #212

May be your packets go to another gateway nearby. I had the same problem, fortunetly the other gw belongs to me and I could see the packets there. Shows your device all packets, I mean in the application?

(Krishna Iyer) #213

then try to reset the gateway by holding the reset button for about 5 secs until the LED blinks rapidly GREEN<->RED for a couple of times.

(Mathieu Pouillot) #214

I think not, I see the traffic on the application layer. And I’m in the countryside, with no other gw around me… first other one seems to be at 100 km :slight_smile:

(Mathieu Pouillot) #215

I try to move far away. -70 db and snr 11,5 but Always some lost packets…

(Meikelg) #216

If I switched off my other gateway, I could receive all packets. but is was very close.


It’s a bug in the user interface. It throws an error on the JS console (open developer tools of your browser (F12) and check the console).
Let’s hope that can be fixed from remote as well.

(Turbomichi) #218

from meikelg (could not reply with my normal account): after resetting I added my WLAN again, but no access. even worse: instructions tell me I need new credentials on server side. since I have still the same EUI, i cannot delete my gw in TTN, because I got this message from TTN: ‘You will not be able to restore the gateway or re-use its ID.’ Now I am doomed?

(Bryansmith) #219

I have a US915 gateway. It was quite fast with the OTAA join accept initially. I rebooted it about 20 minutes ago and now it doesn’t see any packets what so ever.

Perhaps the CUPS fix broke something on the frequency plan for the US gateways?

I don’t see any traffic on my TIG no matter what. Even if it’s a node that’s already received an OTAA Join Accept. It’s gone deaf somehow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Balto) #220

What browser are you using? I have that problem with Firefox, Chrome works fine.

(Bryansmith) #221


After rebooting several times I now get packets but it’s dropping packets like crazy. I’ve received only 3 packets in over 20 minutes

They are now at weird frequencies and they are actually outside of subband and don’t follow the appropriate 200 hz step interval ie, 902.725, 902.325, 903.075.

I’m sending every 5 seconds btw


It’s actually always seemed to have used weird frequencies when I unplugged all of my other gateways and used it solely. When I have it running along side my other gateways it doesn’t see any packets.


Nice GW, where can I buy one ? And is it more reliable than the TTN KS GW ?

(Balto) #224

Looks like the debug UART of J1 is wired to the CP2102N in the picture. That’s connected to the USB-C port, but kept in reset state by R88 (10k pull-down). Strapping it up to VCC by shorting R86 (or connecting TP5 to 3.3V) seems to enable the device… that gives debug logs on the USB port with the device in the box. :slight_smile:

(Arjan) #225

Then I wonder again if things might be hidden due to some aggressive de-duplication? (For which the TIG would still receive and forward the packets, but TTN would somehow not show them?) Any chance you do see the TIG listed in the gateway metadata when clicking an uplink in the application/device’s Data page in TTN Console, even when not shown in the TIG’s Traffic page in TTN Console?

(Verkehrsrot) #226

Can you figure out what is the easiest modification for this, and post it here, please?

(Balto) #227

Easiest would probably be a wire from pin 1 of J1 (the square one, 3V3) to TP5, but if you have a good soldering iron I’d say just short R86 with some solder. That’s what I did anyway.

(Remko) #228

I found that in Chrome on my Android phone removing works but in Firefox on my PC it does not work.