TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

(Verkehrsrot) #254

is this antenna orginally placed inside the gateway? Or is it user antenna?


It is a user antenna
You should all so use your own external antenna,


LOL :rofl::innocent:

(Krishna Iyer) #257

You can get that from the serial number on the back of your gateway.
TMBH100915xxxxxx -> US
TMBH100868xxxxxx -> EU

(Justb4) #258

Got somewhat further: if setting the LoPy Node to connect with US freq:
lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORAWAN, region=LoRa.US915)
I see traffic, even a JOIN accept, in the TTN Console, but no further data transfer, nor confirmation in client:


Not sure what to make of this, seeing both EU and US freqs, even when I configure the TIG in TTN Console as US-freq, same traffic. When joining the LoPy4 with region=LoRa.EU868, never any traffic in TTN Console. Is this proof that my TIG is US915? Should client have more connection settings? NB this LoPy4 client code works with the standard TTN Backer GW (or any other).

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Crossing posts: yes I have the US serial :-(. What now?

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(Justb4) #261

Possibly, but I don’t think I should run US-915 here in The Netherlands…So either swap with someone outside EU with EU-868, or I am prepared to make a HW mod and loose warranty to configure EU-868. (After all “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” is both a Dutch and English expression).

(Arjan) #262

Not if you’re referring to this specific gateway. From

Q. I don’t live in Europe or in the US, can I still use the gateway?

Currently, the gateway only supports the EU868 and US915 frequency plans. Near the end of Q1, all frequency plans will be supported.

(Eniki) #263

Anyone know how to configure/register the gateway to private router on TTI account?

(Pozo) #264

Can anybody compare the reach of the Gemtek gateway to other gateways?

(Matthew Macdonald-Wallace) #265

I don’t think you can yet, but my understanding from talking to the TTI folks at conference was that this is definitely part of the plan.

(Ud Lo Ra) #266

… but the answer is still missing to the most important question for the (6000 - 550 - 234 = 5216) TTN users that were not in Amsterdam: when it will available for buying? :slight_smile:


wow… you realy need/want one :wink:

It’s down to compliance paperwork (said Wienke) … and when that’s done they will presumably be available and in stock with selected resellers.)

(Ud Lo Ra) #268

In my university we recently acquired a couple of real gateways for experiments, but I want one just for personal use at home instead on the single channel I have now. For this use, the price is right :wink:


If a ‘non techie’ can set this up (just plug in an outlet) and he can buy basic simple sensors and see data on an app… this opens a whole new 'home’market, range is not that important.
I think its a clever move.


Indeed. All we need now is a TTN app :wink:


no… TTN could supply a framework for this , someone or some company could write a nice app that non techies can use.

Imagine me, a non techie, So I bought the TIG, together with a ‘movement detector’ and 2 tempsensors from SENSORS inc.
(for that to happen they should be available in the future online at a non techie webshop)
I downloaded the free app, scan the code on the sensor boxes and I immediate have a nice menu.
A GUI that shows me the temps from the added sensors in my winecellar and livingroom, and I can set the alarm on/off, and he’’ I build this all by myselff !
And later I can add more sensors, like the moisture for my garden… an expandable system.
I can even easy share sensor data with my neighbors/friends with that app, post a graph on social media ect.

Something like that :sunglasses: my interpretation,possibly not TTN’s

So that’s a whole new and different market … the ‘home’ market

  • class C is here … ’ hey Google, what’s the temperature on my terras’ and then you get a spoken answer, just talk to your sensors, to the network :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #272

:thinking:Hummm that sounds like the original proposition! :open_mouth::wink:

(Rosetta85) #273

TAKE MY MONEY NOW… Where do I buy one?