TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

(S54mtb) #399

Any official information about delivery ?

(Inanc) #401

I’ve removed my links because these products seems to be offline.


As with all TTN projects, they over promise, and under deliver on time and cost… so I expect this will be delayed for many weeks more…

They need better communication skills as it effect their customer… keeping the customer up to date, keep them in the know and happy.


As per @SargeAU and @bed is there any news on AU915 channel plan?

Got this thing on my desk that wants to be plugged in @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 :wink:

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Hello everybody,
can I configure the gateway in order to send uplink packets to my own LoRa server and not to TTN?
Thank you

(Mhruska) #406

I suppose you could configure a router for static NAT to redirect traffic to IP of your own server.

(Arjan) #408

That would not work with TLS/HTTPS.


No, the TTIG is setup to use only TTN at this moment. Preconfig true “CUPS”
See a part off conversation above

I read from this that the TTIG get his config from the “CUPS-Server’s”

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Am I correct in thinking that the date for release of the Things Indoor Gateway hasn’t happened? I can’t see it for sale anywhere in the UK.

(Jac Kersing) #411

It has been on the RS site but that page has been taken down again. Last thing I read was may/June timeframe.

(Tsl2019) #412

Okay thanks Jac. There seems to be a lot of people with them but maybe that’s from the conference.

(Jac Kersing) #413

Probably. I haven’t been able to order yet. (Have added two to my cart at the moment it was listed but haven’t been able to check out, “product is unavailable, please remove”.)

(benbarnard) #414

I got the email at 4:44, tried to order at 4:49. Sold out already. 12-14 weeks backorder?

(Inanc) #415

I just ordered the 868 version.

Update: my order is cancelled, I have a problem with my account.

(Everhamme) #416

Just got this email… backed ordered on Allied… we’ll see when they actually ship to me

The Things Indoor Gateway (TTIG) is now in stock at RS Components. Listed below are the links for the EU and the US store respectively. Please note that there is limited quantity available for each (868 and 915 units), so make sure to order yours before the stock is finished.

EU 868 ( via RS Components ) - link
US 915 ( via Allied Electronics ) - link
( Note: All orders will be processed on a first come basis.)*

The specification sheet as well as getting started guide is listed on the product page. We are also taking back orders for 100 gateway units in a box. The lead time for these orders is 12-14 weeks. If you need any help or more info, let us know.

(Jeff Uk) #417

Ordered a handful to try out :slight_smile: Should help take TTN GW count >30 :smile: …only problem is finding time & quality new sites to deploy them all! Anyone close to my associated TTN sites & communities willing to collaborate please PM me :wink:

I can see a busy Q2 coming!

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I like the truth as well. And I told you my opinion straight.

For me you are ranting. I understand your frustration but like I said, contact the responsible people.
WE (the other members of this community) can not change what is bothering you.

Having said this, I would suggest one of the other moderators looks into this and starts deleting/moving as appropriate because we are way off topic with this discussion in this thread. A new thread on this topic would be more appropriate.

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Can some TTIG owner here please check the precision of it’s time?
I recognized that the timestamps sent by my TTIG are around 800-900ms stale.
See server log below. The first gateway in the list is a MatchX1701, outdoor with gps.

 "gateways": [
      "gtw_id": "eui-40d63xxxxxxxxxx",
      "timestamp": 2739507028,
      "time": "2019-03-18T21:10:03.576662Z",
      "channel": 0,
      "rssi": -53,
      "snr": 10.5,
      "rf_chain": 1,
      "latitude": 52.xxxxx,
      "longitude": 13.xxxxx,
      "altitude": 60
      "gtw_id": "eui-58a0cbxxxxxxxxxx",
      "timestamp": 2922540588,
      "time": "2019-03-18T21:10:04.448339Z",
      "channel": 0,
      "rssi": -31,
      "snr": 11,
      "latitude": 52.xxxxx,
      "longitude": 13.xxxxx,
      "location_source": "registry"


Alle off the gateways looks here the same:

  > "gateways": [
"gtw_id": "ttn-Multitech",
       "gtw_trusted": true,
       "timestamp": 1772843603,
       "time": "2019-03-19T07:45:52Z",

"gtw_id": "ttn-Gateway",
      "gtw_trusted": true,
      "timestamp": 3556385187,
      "time": "2019-03-19T07:45:52Z",

"gtw_id": "eui-58a0cb-TTIG",
      "timestamp": 1290456539,
      "time": "2019-03-19T07:45:52.679976Z",
      "channel": 0,

At some ms the same


(Verkehrsrot) #451

Great, that’s exactly what i would expect.
But things are different here, question is why.
Since alle TTIGs do not have GPS and are uplinked via Wifi, the chain to get time from external time source should be always the same, so i assume this can’t make any difference.

What TTIG version do you use, EU or US?