TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

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Hi Jeff, bizarre picture from RS today for me too, I ordered just one and yesterday the system showed the item as being shipped - no emails nothing, I called RS today and it seems they have had many people chasing this. They then seemed to reference a ‘list’ of those who are getting their order shipped this week, whilst on the phone she checked my order and said I was on the list and that I should get it next Monday.

I should say I was ready to cancel me order too, will update next Monday.

Things seem to be a mess at RS

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Normally maybe not, but this gateway is sold only there and the price is appealing for private people… they are not used :slight_smile: .

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RS must be reading this thread, just seconds ago I got an email 'Despatch Notification’

We will see…

(Jeff Uk) #495

13 mins ago I received another email…either really chaotic at RS or Wienke worked his magic fast!


Can I trust this…is it real…do I stay home to receive or go work to pay for it all! :slight_smile: Ok stay home and trust to fate…will post pics if/when they arrive :rofl:

Not sure what I will do with 30 tooth Bevel Gears mind you! :-):laughing:

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News from my RS express order: No news.
Got just an automated standard “we received your order” email.
Got no delivery due date yet.

Website still says next business day. Stock decreased to 36, was 52 yesterday. Looks like TTIG sells pretty fast, would be great if it would be delivered as fast.

Delivery date for box of 100 is now 11.06.2019.

Maybe they had only 1 box of 100 on stock, and this week someone decided to break this up in single pcs…

…so could be good idea to order now, before the 100 pcs on stock ran out…


@Verkehrsrot @Jeff-UK thanks for all this feedback. Can you keep us posted here on if you received the package. Everything should be in good shape now.

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Looking hopeful! :slight_smile:

(Jezd) #500

Santa arrived…not sure what to do with it be hey :wink:

No paperwork, ok, no power plug either, hmmm

How do we get a UK power plug?


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Wow, looks like you made it first of all! :slight_smile:

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Just use USB-C Cable and power outlet, it can be powered by USB-C. Draws ~1 Watt.

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What is under the sticker? Still “TABS”?

(Jezd) #504

I assume you mean the main sticker…20190328_111155642_iOS

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ouch - at TTN conf i was told they had no more EU gateways on stock.
(But at last did get one).

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New state: Got order confirmation. Says will be sent out today. Looks like they finally found or got stock.

Voraussichtliches Versanddatum 28.3.2019

(Jeff Uk) #507

Sounds like original Laird Sentrius problem of having to use (unreliable connections!) ‘shaver adapters’? They finally changed/added UK plug option - due soon :slight_smile: Now for TTI! :wink:

I assume this means Storrs/Dungworth/Damsflask Reservoir valley area will have additional coverage shortly! :slight_smile:

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They shipped and they have the correct article description now.

RS Artikelnummer Menge Beschreibung
1843981 1 The Things Indoor Gateway, 868MHz

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Stock comes from united kingdom, hopefully they get it over the channel before Brexit…

Aufkleber erstellt 28.03.2019 14:02 United Kingdom
Auftrag verarbeitet: Für UPS bereit

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Are LoRaWan gateways really considered a Dual Use technology?

Was excited to order a Things Indoor Gateway from RS Online today for shipping to Norway but I received an email from RS Online where they wanted me to fill out a Dual Use End-User Undertaking (EUU) Form containing many fields and letters where I needed to first fax and then send the original to the UK before they could ship it.

Are LoRaWan gateways subject to export controls from the UK?


maybe because of your nick ? :wink: