TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

(Rmarsolla) #316

Great Job Krishna ! My TTIG works again !
Thank you very much !

(Krishna Iyer) #317

Regarding deleting gateways:
I guess this could be added to the FAQ but this is no different from any other EUI based gateway (Ex: Using the semtech UDP packet forwarder).

And the warning on the console while deleting is very unambiguous. There aren’t that many use cases I can think of where you need to re-create a gateway on the network. If it comes down to this, the issue is probably somewhere else along the debug path.

If the TTIG is reset, only the WiFi and the LNS credentials will be deleted. It will retain its EUI and CUPS creds and will contact the CUPS server to obtain the LNS creds once the WiFi if configured.

So reseting it (with the reset button) will not affect your registration of the gateway on the network.


(Danico) #318

And it is back! Status - connected!
Glad that it is back (thank you!), but any information on what has changed to bring it back to life?


Is there a chance we can use a different name for the update and configuration server? CUPS just causes confusion as it already generally refers to the unix printing server.

(Krishna Iyer) #320

Well I wish I could. The Unix Print server is the first thing that I thought about when I started working on this.
But this is part of Semtech’s BasicStation protocol definition( and is not in our hands unfortunately.

(Ibelinp) #321

Thanks! The US 915 gateway is back online. Can someone comment why the gateway has always been 1 minute solid green and about 20 seconds flashing at 4Hz? It has always done this since day one, but still works.



(Scott Waller) #323

Yes back online. Thanks!


just to be sure then ’ Can I register / activate a TIG ’ at location A… and then later take it home, plug it in and change only the wifi creds and it works ? :roll_eyes:

(Krishna Iyer) #325

Yes. That’s exactly how we imagine it being to be used. :slight_smile:

(Arjan) #326

Even more: the TIG (or TTIG?) allows for configuring multiple WiFi access points. No need to wipe anything if you still need it at some later time, just configure up to 8 access points. (And be sure not to use Firefox for that until a bug is fixed.)


ah that’s great tnx

( don’t tell me about firefox :hot_face:… they forced an update on me and I’ve lost a lot of data)

(Brian Danilko) #328

Hi @danico, @SargeAU

Being Australia based as well, I grabbed a US915 TIG at the conference, hoping that it could download the AU915 or AS923 channel plans. Especially as the TIG says that it supports a configuration and update server (CUPS but not for printers!).

So tried it (very briefly) on US915 and it correctly joined and transmitted packets. On AU915 and AS923 it would not join (which makes sense as the channel plan was still US915).

But now the documentation is clear so it looks like waiting a month and a half should do the trick:

Q. I don’t live in Europe or in the US, can I still use the gateway?

Currently, the gateway only supports the EU868 and US915 frequency plans. Near the end of Q1, all frequency plans will be supported.

Thanks to all involved – it looks like a really good development device which just needs a bit of time to venture outside the EU and US.

(Remko) #329

RS-Components has placed the gateway(s) in their shop!:

Indoor gateway: expected availability: 22-05-2019
Be aware: in a box of 100!

Outdoor gateway: expected availability: 22-05-2019
Be aware: In a Box of 10!!

Curious to know when single gateways can be purchased.

(Kylix) #330

I think the price is wrong:
Prezzo per: Each (In a Box of 10)
€ 474,50

(Jeff Uk) #332

RS UK Listing but 100off Box mini GW £43.40, 10off Box Outdoor GW £365 (Both + VAT)

Shipping 22/5/19?

Buying 2 boxes (200 units) gives ~3.8% discount

No sign of single or 10 off buy option yet…perhaps waiting for trade buyers/resellers to step in or for systems integrators…:thinking: thinking hard on a bulk buy for resale to UK communities! (But really want to see roll out 1st)

(bluesensing) #333

that seems to be an entry mistake, i guess…
waiting the public PR announce… and pictures and datasheets… so this seems to be an input error by rs components…

press the hide button…

(Rish) #334

Hi all

We are working on getting the product page live with RS components (it is still in draft as you can see). Once it is finalized, it will be communicated to you guys. Please refrain from spreading false news and rumours based on the draft page.


(Jeff Uk) #335

Not sure as £43.4 @$1.28 = ~$55 per so a realistic point for 100 off vs $69 single (before VAT)…as you say just have to wait and see…

(Jeff Uk) #336

Everyone impatient and anxious to get going :wink: :smile:

If its draft info then RS should really hide page and edit offline until ready to go live! - rookie problem?

Company & personal credit cards are burning hole in pocket ready! :open_mouth:

(bluesensing) #337

yes they should have pressed the hide button first… but failed… shit happens… ok. we will accept this

pls take a deep breath and make yr personal OMMMMMMMMMM…
everyone wants a TIG . Yeah!