TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway

(Jezd) #512

Arrived today, all working, two 'gateways (RAK831 and TIG) here both picking up same traffic and joins on SF9 etc - not done much more digging as it seems ok so far.

MFG date2018-12-11 09:10:14
FW Build2018-12-06 09:30:37
FW Version2.0.0
Core Version2.0.0(minihub/debug)

(Jeff Uk) #513

@wienkegiezeman 5 little beauties arrived this afternoon. :slight_smile:


A bit sparse as noted by others. No paperwork (forum has it all I guess) & no mains connector for use if the Tabs branded sleeve removed - and other similar mains adapter ‘shoes’ unlikely to fit given profile/shape. Were these missed out of package or are they supposed to be bought as an ‘accessory’?

Hope to get them all registered onto TTN & tested over the weekend (brings TTN GW count to 30 :slight_smile: ) even if not deployed to remote sites for a week or so… :wink:


Need to check if have enough usb Wall-Wart PSU’s to run concurrently otherwise it will be temp test with USB power banks till I can buy some PSU’s…from description/specification I had assumes they were plug & go wrt mains operation.

(Verkehrsrot) #514

RS components made it, parcel crossed the channel over night.Screenshot_20190329-085800

(Verkehrsrot) #515

Is there a source somewhere to buy a matching “shoe” plug?

(Jeff Uk) #516

Not that I have found but haven’t looked hard yet…I did check 5 or 6 PSU’s with similar fittings that I have in office and workbench (external HDD’s, other GW’s, Modem/Routers, phone chargers etc.) but none fit so far…will do a search online over weekend.

(Pozo) #517

In Germany RS Components does not sell anything to private customers, only businesses. They cancelled my order unless I prove that I have a business (which I do) and refer private customers to a separate webshop, but TTIG is not offered there. Bottom line as a private customer you cannot buy it in Germany.

(Verkehrsrot) #518

Stock seems already exhausted anyway…Screenshot_20190329-093803

(Sobermaier) #519

No paperwork, ok, no power plug either, hmmm



(Klemen Petrovcic) #521

Has anyone done any outdoor range tests on the gateway? :slight_smile:


Yes. Up to 1,79 kilometers in urban Berlin. see pics attached. The technology of this indoor placed (1st floor) TTN gw is really excellent. But availability of gateway is not… so sad


(Klemen Petrovcic) #523

Awesome. Thanks.:slight_smile:



(Amedee) #525

Same story in Belgium (and quite some other EU countries)…
So no TTIG for me either :roll_eyes:

They are not the only ones BTW - same with E.g. Farnell…


Indeed, as a private person I often bought parts from Farnell through MUXTRONICS.
A perfect NL ‘dropshipping’ next day service with no extra (shipping) costs and no minimum order.

To my surprise he stopped this service 19 Feb :cry: and the reason is ‘the Patriot act and security’, seems every E company MUST screen you before delivering goods direct to you.

So TTI has indeed a problem now distributing to the end user imho, hope some retailer will step in

(Jeff Uk) #527

1st TTIG now configured & online :slight_smile:
Quick process and no problems other than fact I was trying to connect to a little used WiFi-AP where I have now discovered WiFi is intermittent! :frowning: …wasting ~20-30 mins diagnosing. Will run this one for a few hours before trying the rest late tonight/tomorrow.

This unit will be relocated to sit close to a LairdRG186 , RAK831/RPi, iMST RPi & TTN Kickstarter GW (all internally located) tomorrow for some comparative distance tests over next week. Will report here what I find… :wink:

(Verkehrsrot) #528

Do you see exact milliseconds timestamps in the metadata of nodes which were received by the TTIG?

(Jeff Uk) #529

Will look in detail tomorrow. Saw some of the thread comments wrt time stamp differences and not surprised as saw similar when comparing ttn Kickstarter GW with e.g. IMST lite GW & Laird RG running legacy fwdr… Many 10’s ms delta (pretty consistent)… Just put it down to differences in pkt fwdr and associates back end processing. In the case of TTIG expect same due to quick lash-up of Basic Station handler & middleman processing before launch…all cost time :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #531

Just took a quick peek at 3 GW’s inc TTIG - iMST, RAK-Pilot

I see
“gw_id”: “eui-b827ebfffec8bc53”,
“payload”: “QP0jASaAvgEF31mOluvdyS1D0y/CN/Xf”,
“f_cnt”: 446,
“lora”: {
“spreading_factor”: 7,
“bandwidth”: 125,
“air_time”: 61696000
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“timestamp”: “2019-03-31T18:48:54.794Z”


“gw_id”: “eui-b827ebfffe5161b8”,
“payload”: “QP0jASaAvgEF31mOluvdyS1D0y/CN/Xf”,
“f_cnt”: 446,
“lora”: {
“spreading_factor”: 7,
“bandwidth”: 125,
“air_time”: 61696000
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“timestamp”: “2019-03-31T18:48:54.802Z”


“gw_id”: “eui-58a0cbfffe800609”,
“payload”: “QP0jASaAvgEF31mOluvdyS1D0y/CN/Xf”,
“f_cnt”: 446,
“lora”: {
“spreading_factor”: 7,
“bandwidth”: 125,
“air_time”: 61696000
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“timestamp”: “2019-03-31T18:48:54.825Z”

The latter with the the fractionally later timestamp is the TTIG :slight_smile:

1st is iMST, 2nd is RAK, all are approx 15-40m from the test node so ToF not a significant factor…

This is consistent with what I have seen previously - will look in more detaiuls and compare with a TTN Kickstarter also tomorrow, but I recall seeing a 25-35ms delta when I looked at differences early last year.

(Verkehrsrot) #532

Damned, i really would like to know why my TTIG is around 800-900ms late, compared to a MatchX1701 which has GPS PPS and is on time.

(Jeff Uk) #533

They are on same physical network & same subnet using same backhaul?

Perhaps all mine are running consistently 800-900ms late! :slight_smile: With nothing to show otherwise and reference against I would have no way of knowing!..Its all relative…mind you RX1 & RX2 windows seem to work ok…

If someone at MatchX wants to send me an eval sample of the 1701GW I will happily put it through its paces in one of my test networks and compare to see if I see anything similar! :rofl: