TTN and Class B device

(Alexbn71) #1

Hi All,

someone can tell me what happen if I try to connect a class B device to TTN? It behave like a class A device (since TTN currently support only class A) or its join is refused or what?

Thank you

(Brady Aiello) #2

I didn’t even know of any devices that support class B. What are you using?

(Alexbn71) #3

Look at this:



did you noticed this : Radio Frequency Band AS923 - Asia 915-928MHz

(Alexbn71) #5

No but I would be interested in having an answer if someone has it.



OK I’m not a specialist but I think it probably won’t work at all.

The class B device will try to aquire a beacon lock (which a class A network don’t have)
Once in the state of a beacon lock, the device negotioates its ping-interval with the backend.
Also you need GPS time based gateways.