TTN changing my gateways EUI?

(Mediocre Lora User) #1

Last week I tried to add my Kerlink gateway to TTN.
When I added my gateway it would say it was not connected.
However, I was receiving packets from my sensor that I added to my application.

These sensors were being received by a gateway that had the same EUI as my gateway, except for one character that was different.
This made me think that I made a mistake when adding my gateway, so I registered it again.
Now it would say that my gateway was connected.

At this point I was very confused. I was sure I typed in the EUI correctly the first time.
I found a command for my gateway that would show me it's EUI.
The output this command gave me confirmed my suspicion.

Somehow, one character of my gateways EUI was changed.
Below are some screenshots:

(Arjan) #2

So the meta data in the packets of your sensors claim the gateway is the ...08... (which TTN also shows as connected), instead of the one that matches the MAC address ...0b... (which TTN claims is not connected)?

Are you sure you didn't make the typo yourself, somewhere in your gateway configuration? (In other words: that your gateway config is using the wrong 024b08... EUI, which does not match its MAC address?)

(Mediocre Lora User) #3

Hello Arjan, thank you for your reply.

On my Kerlink gateway there is a sticker with the MAC address of the gateway printed on it.
The sticker shows the MAC is ...0b....
I have 9 other Kerlink gateways, they also have a sticker with a MAC-address printed on it.
All of them contain a ...0b....

I never changed the MAC-address of my gateway during configuration, nor do I know how to.

Not sure where the mistake is here...

(Arjan) #4

Any chance ip link show without a specific adapter name shows some with the 08...?

(If yes, then apparently it has several network adapters, and has the packet forwarder used the MAC address of another adapter...?)

And: which one is mentioned in the meta data?

(Mediocre Lora User) #5

I've run both commands on my gateway.
Still shows it has ...0b

Metadata of received data still shows ...08