TTN Gateway

(Nestor Ayuso) #1

Reviewing TTN Gateway PCB board,

I see it is using an Aria G25 module This is an old (2 years) and quite expensive ($24) ARM linux module, has no wifi and needs an external wifi module.

I recommend an Atheros MIPS linux module with integrated wifi, for example the old carambola or the new domino ($14).

TP-Link and 90% of the wifi routers in the market use Atheros. They run OpenWRT linux and there is a big community support.

I am also making a cheap gateway, I write a how-to for raspberry-pi and now my plan is to use a WIFI router with Mini-PCIe slot and plug a Multitech mCard.

For example this router is €30 in single quantity and $18 in 1000 units volume:,201444_6_3_2_1_5_4,201409_3

And the chinese manufacturer can customize it to our needs and with our logo.

I see the board uses two big LDOs. I recommend to use DC-DC converters because SX1301+SX1257 already disipates a lot of hot.

I see it uses a custom SX1301+SX1257 design. Was it easy to buy these chips? Semtech sells these chips to very few customers. Has someone the complete SX1301 datasheet?

LoRaWAN shield for Arduino UNO?
Creating an OpenWrt gateway

I’m sure @Tweetonig can provide some answers here.

(John Tillema) #3

Hi @nestorayuso that’s quite impressive working from footprints!

But you’re right, it is now based on the aria module’s. It is indeed old and expensive, but we work with them a lot in prototypes. It is reliable and perfect for the job.

The PCB you analyzed was our first prototype version, in which we focussed on the radio circuit. Rest was just support.
Unfortunately we only got a very small batch of the 1301 so we had to make sure that the rest of the PCB wouldn’t give any problems during testing.

Currently we are looking at a setup with just a microcontroller (32 bit). That will allow us to make the production price even cheaper (no promises :wink: )

We checked your setup in the beginning as well, like it a lot and helped us get started.


(Ruud Vlaming) #4

At the moment the complete datasheet of the SX1301 seems under NDA. Parties that i know posses them are not willing to share. The publicly available datasheet (one page) is a joke. @nestorayuso : BTW i was impressed by your work! What do you think, are these Multitech mCard’s available in larger quantities, or do you have to co-order the main unit as well?

(Nestor Ayuso) #5

I am not interested in buying a large quantities of mCard and resell them.

My intention is that anyone who want to make his own LoRa gateway, can buy himself the parts needed.

You can order the card without the main unit.

(Gonzalo Casas) #6

Awesome work @nestorayuso, especially love the HOWTOs! We’re also interested in building our own gateway, we started looking at the IMST iC880A, but the mCard would be way cheaper.

(Flavio Maeda) #7

Hi @nestorayuso. I am deploying TTN in Sao Paulo Brazil. I am considering buying the same mcard, but in a different frequency:

In the description of this item it says: MTAC-LORA-915 / ACCY CARD LORA 915MHZ NO ANT

In the description of the item shared by you it says MTAC-LORA-868 / ACCY CARD LORA

Do I need to order the ANTENNA separately?

(Nestor Ayuso) #8

Hi @flavio, yes you need a separate antenna, you can buy this:

I did not test the gateway in 915MHz but it should work. You need to change the frequency plan in global_conf.json

(Lawrence Griffiths) #9

@devlaam I spoke to MultiTech and they say you can purchase the mcard from your local distributor in NL. This should be be cheaper than Digi and they can support development. But as @nestorayuso says in hsi blog the pin out isn’t standard.

(Ruud Vlaming) #10

@iikaw: Thanks for this information.

(Patrick) #11

Hi @flavio! What Gateway/mcard/node configuration are you going with? We’re in the same 915Mhz ‘zone’. Love to know how it’s going and compare notes.

(Flavio Maeda) #12

Hi @creatinghere, Good to know we are in the same zone. Where are you located?

The equipment we bougth from Multitech was the one below. We don’t have them on hands yet but they will arrive soon:

MTUDK2-ST-MDOT MultiConnect mDot Developer Kit

(Patrick) #13

Hi @flavio
Great! Thanks for the list. I’m on a chat with DigiKey right this moment!
And, yes — super to know we’re in the same time zone.
More in a bit!

(Patrick) #14

Hi @flavio,

Is the AN868-915A-1HRA an antenna ? Digi-Key doesn’t use that part number and has nothing for it in their db.

(Patrick) #15

Hi Again, @flavio,

Did you purchase this list through Multitech directly? Do you have any contact information?
DigiKey doesn’t have the MTCDT-210L US-EU-GB in ‘single units.’

Thanks so much.


(Flavio Maeda) #16

Hi @creatinghere

Yes, it is an Antenna. See the Digi-key link:

(Nestor Ayuso) #17

AN868-915A-1HRA antenna is actually a Pulse W1063. You can buy it at Digikey, Mouser…

(Flavio Maeda) #18

@creatinghere, We bought both from Digi-key (1mcard and 1 antenna) and also a complete set: mDot+mCard+Antenna+Conduit Gateway from Multitech. You can reach Mike Kydd ( He is helping us a lot.

(Patrick) #19

@flavio Awesome and excellent. More from here when we know more. Cheers! — P

(Patrick) #20

@nestorayuso — thanks.