TTN Huelva


Hi, we are Bo True Activities from University of Huelva. We have started to develop a LoRa network in Huelva. The network is currently undergoing testing, we now have just one gateway but we are waiting for the components to arrive to build a new gateway.


Hi. Hola.
My name is Miguel Ángel Casanova, I have started to develop LoRa TTN in Salamanca. We can collaborate.


Hola Miguel Ángel, encantado.
También estoy muy interesado en colaborar e intercambiar opiniones. Perdón por la demora en responder.

Un saludo.

(Antonio Azcona) #5

Hola Camilo y Miguel Angel; I´m from the Madrid area and I am also very interested in the TTN technology describe over here... although I still have a long way to go. There is another colleague that I contacted through here, who name is Tako, that we are planning to meet soon in order to exchange ideas and information.

Since it is the first time I write in this forum I though no to break any linguistic rule...:slight_smile:

Así que espero tambien poder colaborar con vosotros en la medida de lo posible más adelante. Un saludo


Genial Antonio estaremos en contacto.

(Bo True Activities) #7

Estaremos encantado de colaborar. Nosotros ahora estamos centrados en instalar la primera antena en altura para conocer el alcance que conseguimos.