TTN indoor Gateway internal Antenna

Hello everyone,

does anybody know what kind of internal Antenna is used in the TTN indoor Gateway and what Antenna Gain it has? I need this information for a Coverage-Simulation. If somebody can help i would be very happy when you can add the source of this information.

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Do or the images in @dmth’s post (and its replies) in another TTIG topic help?

And curious: can you also simulate for, e.g., insulated window glazing?

Hi the antenna spec can be found on under “1002427” antenna.


Hi, first time on this

It is a stamped thin metal antenna, 3 band, 868mhz, 915mhz, 1.606ghz

4.4 dB, vswr 2:100,

Hope this helps

I am thinking of changing mine to an external but placed in my attic