TTN Issues?

Greetings. I’ve been having intermittent problems with TTN OTAA (sensors are not NEW, nothing changed on them they’ve been online for over a year, no battery issues, checked the GW, reboot it, yada yada…checked all those boxes), and now multiple sensors are not being OTAA JA’d by TTN, including inability to even ‘see them’ on the console:

My broker is TTN US West, again, not changed that either… just looking to see if anyone knows something’s up at TTN/TTN US. Thanks, :red_circle:

Problem seems to have been corrected. I just received a bunch of ‘buffered’ msgs from our sensors, I can see the devices again on the console. Can someone tell me what, if anything, happened on the TTN side please?

Thanks, :red_circle: TTN Detroit Member

To ‘close’ this ‘thread’, I’ve had a chat with TTN - they confirmed multiple ‘hiccups’ back at the start of this post due to the many challenges of maintaining a free global LoRaWAN network, which I completely understand. I only emphasized the need for some kind of ‘alert’ (aka the sign on the café door that says ‘Public WIFI is down’…) and/or the concerns on the commercial side when using TTN as the springboard to TTI. But TTN was 100% clear: even Pilot, POC or initial commercial projects that require some kind of SLA will need to jump on TTI for that - TTN is ‘as is’ for educational and testing purposes only. :red_circle: