TTN Mapper - Decoder

Not sure where I am going wrong here… My decoder outputs the following -


But no results are ever shown.

Not sure when I am going wrong? Integration is all setup etc.

Any help much appreciated!

Honestly, I was never able to integrate TTNMapper. I use the app together with a node (so, if you find a solution, I will be glad to hear :slight_smile: )

App on my Android stopped working correctly after a recent update. Never seems to populate the Gateway count anymore (packets are received though). Maybe a GPS error?

Be great if someone help with some diagnostics with the TTN Mapper integration. As far as I can see my decoder spits out all the required fields for this?

Mmm… I just had a flash of inspiration. I have set the experiment name: likely this will make data not to appear on the main map, but only trhough the experiments page (where I found a lot of points under my experiment name…). So, if you set the experiment name, delete it. I will check as soon as I am back to my car (where I have the tracker).

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Will give this a go!! Makes sense!

look in the experiments page, you may find yours and see if data are received;

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That was the issue all along! Can see my data on there! Taken the experiment name off now. Thanks!

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Thank you for having pushed me in understanding why I was not seeing data with integration :slight_smile:

mmm… for me today no data coming through integration.

Working here after taking out the Experiment name. Our new Gateways have appeared on the ttn mapper map!

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Today also my data appeared, yesterday no. Glad to map without having the iPhone always with the app on :slight_smile: