TTN Mapper on Android Auto!*

(Ryan Walmsley) #1

Just more of a cool thing I thought I’d post about with a rough guide on what to do until I do my full writeup.

I recently got a newer car which has Android Auto support and thought I’d try to get TTN Mapper to run on it.

After trying android auto out I found that only AA apps are able to be used normally, however if you root your Droid you can install an app called AA Mirror which acts as a screen mirror!

I got my older phone and rooted that as I wanted to preserve my current one, installed TTN Mapper, Android Auto and AA Mirror.

Then its quite simply a case of after setting up as normal I launch the AA Mirror app which replicates the phone’s screen onto my car’s head unit. Then launching the TTN Mapper app and then voila!

I do wonder if it’d be possible at any point if it’d be possible to build a TTN Mapper frontend for it, weather it shows an entire map or maybe just a status bar of mapping. However design guidelines are currently very strict so going this route of routing your current or an older / second phone seems an easier route. I find it less distracting being able to see the app easily on my head unit than having to glance at my phone.

IMG_20181230_161253350 IMG_20181231_125409840 IMG_20181231_125413488