TTN Monterrey Community Just Started... Join Us

(Jn Spidey) #1

Hello everybody, I just created the Monterrey Metropolitan Area Community.

I will be working hard to stablish our first gateway in the city and grow the community by bringing schools and companies to join us.

Happy to be here!


(Jorge Tijerina) #2

Hope this community grows everyday.
Let's work together to make great partnership.
I am in ..!!

(Jorgeorta) #3

Is great to see a community in Monterrey, I will try to help on whatever I can with hardware. I can do some board design if you guys need a pcb board or something. let me know.

(Ivanr) #4

Hello fellas, thanks so much for let me join the community, I’m so excited about TTN and LoRaWAN networks. I’m located in Veracruz, trying to start planning a gateway installation, what’s the first steps ?. Do you think best option is DYI or it’s better to call commercial solutions already on-the-market ?. What about frequency here in Mexico ?. Some help for this rookie will be very helpfull.

Thanks so much, VIVA MEXICO.