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We would like to build a local community network, which is probably funded by the state.
The network is to be built on the basis of the V3 stack, but operated on its own hardware. The network should be open to anyone and enable peering with the TTN.
Will this be possible and will there be licensing costs or costs for peering?
What other conditions are necessary to implement such a project?
For this we have some questions:

 • How does peering work in the V3?
 • Is peering already installed?
 • Will the peering be charged?


Is there, or will there be, a docker image of ‘thethingsnetwork/lorawan-stack’ for arm?

I have followed getting started with V3 docs, using Raspberry PI but
docker-compose --verbose run --rm stack is-db init
fails with
standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user process caused “exec format error”
Verbose logging reveals cockroach and redis start fine and it is the lorawan-stack stack image that is not arm64.


compose.cli.verbose_proxy.proxy_callable: docker inspect_image <- (‘thethingsnetwork/lorawan-stack’)
urllib3.connectionpool._make_request: http://localhost:None “GET /v1.30/images/thethingsnetwork/lorawan-stack/json HTTP/1.1” 200 None
compose.cli.verbose_proxy.proxy_callable: docker inspect_image -> {u’Architecture’: u’amd64’,

Any advice would be appreciated.


At the moment we don’t have a Docker image for Arm. It’s mostly because our build pipeline doesn’t support manifests at the moment.

We do, however, release binaries for various Arm platforms, see the assets under, for example,

You can easily turn this into a background process with systemd, see here:

LoRaWAN Deployment Models

As we get close to the production release of the V3 stack, it is important to understand the different deployment options and pros and cons of each one. This flexibility to choose between different models is one of the key features of the V3 stack.

is class c usable yet?

No, not on the public network

any timetable on it?

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bumped to V3.0.4 :sunglasses:

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Haha @BoRRoZ. Why the sad face?

it’s not sad… it’s swet from you all working hard on V3 :wink:


bumped to V3.1.1 :sunglasses:


Is there somewhere that indicates which commit or revision the community network is running? I was hoping for class B support soon, but I don’t want to be that person that keeps asking “Is it there yet? Is it there yet?” And I see that class C is supported in the master branch, but I saw your post from a few hours ago that’s not running on the community yet.

Yah, saw that. Still hoping for it, though :slight_smile:

If Class B support is important to you, upvote the issue on Github :+1:

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This is the only issue I could find that seemed relevant. Is this the one that should be upvoted?