TTN Outage?

Hello All,

As of about 9:35 BST all 7 of the sensors are back online and the thousands of offline gateways are now showing as online via TTN mapper.


I have 7 boards in the field in a pilot project using the TTN. They all went offline at 19:30 Aug 22. I have checked the TTN Mapper and it is now showing all the gateways as being offline, see an example below:

Does anyone know what’s going on?

"Offline. Will be removed from the map in 5 days.

Last heard at 2021-08-23T05:59:25.000Z
Channels heard on: 0
Lat, Lon: 48.4721987,-81.2942222"

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TTNMapper is not the core TTN platform, it is a useful application developed by a 3rd party that draws on access to underlying TTN/TTS data api’s etc. Seeing this is not uncommon… suspect it isn’t as much down to live status as if that gw say any activity between data scrapes. That said I now for status web page on TTN that there was a marked drop in V3 message handling through PacketBroker from around that time last night…it went on for several hours when I last looked… .havent been at PC or checked today yet.

Update: was replying to you original message and just saw you did update at the top. This seems to match with likely PB issue recovering…go look at the timing of the graphs on Status and see if it matches your experience…

Update to update… yep I just checked and PB outage seems to match with recovery this morning. Looks like either PB itself or a feed to or from went out or was severely degraded…we might hear more from TT core team in due course… or might not…

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Thanks Jeff,

I can see the packet falloff for the times i observed.

Will anyone let us know what happened?

This is a bit disquieting.