TTN packet forwarder questions

(Tom Waits) #1

I'm trying to install this packet_forwarder from TTN wiki and installation is wrong.

produsb.log created on USB-stick, but "ttn-pkt-fwd" didn't create in /mnt/fsuser-1.

Which way to resolve it?

(Tom Waits) #2

The problem is solved by copying the dota file to /mnt/fsuser-1/dota via scp using WinSCP.

(Tom Waits) #3

ttn_pkt_fwd is configured using gateway_ID and gateway_key from the TTN console, but the gateway has the status "not connected" in the TTN console.
tcpdump -AUq port 1700 - shows nothing at the gateway.
What is the reason for this?

(Tom Waits) #4

I try to use standart kerlink packet_forwarder and have no data received/sended by my gateway.
Does someone know why it's going on?