TTN Sending downlink on different unsupported frequency

Hi Guys,

I am using Dragino LG308 Gateway and LHT65 Sensor. Uplink is working fine on the correct frequency 865.0625 but the downlink is happening on 869.525.

We are using the Gateway for India Frequency Plan 865-867.

Please find below the logs from LHT65:
[46751]TX on freq 865062500 Hz at DR 0
[49268]RX on freq 865062500 Hz at DR 0
[50233]RX on freq 866550000 Hz at DR 3

and from gateway:
Tue Mar 2 10:48:47 2021 lora_pkt_fwd[25858]: ERROR~ Packet REJECTED, unsupported frequency - 869525000 (min:865000000,max:867000000)

Which frequency plan did you choose for the gateway in the TTN console? The backend sends the frequency for downlinks to the gateway and seems to think it should use EU frequency plan.

lg fp ttn fp

these are the screenshot for the FP selected in TTN and Dragino

Both are set to IN865 but still the downlink is at different frequency

Please search the forum regarding this subject, I know other users reported similar issues in the past (last year?) but I can’t recall if/how they solved this. I regretfully don’t have the time to find those messages for you.

Thanks @kersing , I will try searching once again, if i get the resolution will share the link in this window also