TTN Stack Multitech Conduit AEP

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to connect my Multitech Conduit to my own TTN Stack server.

I’ve changed at /var/config/lora/local_conf.json these values:
· server_address
· serv_gw_id
· serv_gw_key

at server_address I’m using IP:port where Ive tried both 1700 and 1883 ports.

Every time I try it, it is not able to connect to my server:

ERROR: [TTN] Connection to server “82.223.XX.XX” failed, retry in 30 seconds

lookig at there is not any Multitech Conduit AEP guide in order to connect it.

Does anybody know what I have to do in order to connect it?


Documentation for connecting a Muiltitech Conduit AEP was added in 3.6.1:

Try with those instructions.

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