TTNv3 news from Things Conf 2020?

I didn’t attend but I’ve been watching the videos on YouTube but I didn’t see any updates on TTNv3. Was there anything? I know TTN infra is supplied free and there’s a lot of work being done on the codebase for TTNv3, but it’d be great to know when the next evolution is intended to come online.

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This picture shows the timeline for the community network. (And it was posted to the forum during the conference so if you follow the forum you could have seen it before)

Thanks @kersing - I didn’t see that presentation yet in the published videos. I will take a look at the photos thread now.

Looking forward to Q2’s achievements for sure.

Also… a surprise to many:

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Is it just me or does that slide start off at the year 2019? It could be a typo but it surely does seem to :nerd_face:

I believe that was acknowledged :wink: though could be read as left side was 2019 now we are in 2020 and these are how the quarters/future maps out :slight_smile: Note also expectation was set that V2 PCN shut down was “well into” future with expectation that TTC2021 still seeing V2 live this time next year…

The full talk is posted on YouTube.

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And from Slack, referring to Monday February 10 2020, 17:30:

@htdvisser 2020-02-13 8:49 AM

As it turns out, we indeed made a change around that time. We started routing a larger percentage of UDP traffic through our future v3 infrastructure.

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