TTS time on air metrics

Hi all, we’ve got a dev setup for testing with the following:
1x RAK 7244 Gateway
1x Sentrius RG1xx Gateway

1x RAK Button
1x RAK Modbus Gateway (node)
1x Pycom FiPy

Have been getting pretty good results (about 1 kilometer radius range) with both gateways indoors in a medium density residential area here in the US.

We’re LOVING the things stack OSE, which we’re running on a single VM in GCP.

However, I cannot find the time-on-air metrics for messages anywhere in the console or logs. Any suggestions??
I’d like to expose the TOA metrics to a dashboard so we can keep an eye on our duty cycle. Ideally, we’d get per message TOA figures which we can then aggregate and use to optimize certain nodes.

AFAIK you have to calculate this yourself.

There are several implementations floating around: you need the total (raw) packet length, spreading factor, bandwidth and the fact that it is 4/5 coding

Thanks for the info. Bummer that its not something TTS can calculate automatically.

Maybe a feature request? Ideally in a future version perhaps it could be included in the event details for each Rx/Tx message.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 6.36.55 AM

I suspect it already is calculated for internal purposes (at least in some regions, it would be needed); if you are willing to modify the code you could expose it.

But procedurally it may be simpler to calculate yourself at the point of need.

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I’ll have a look thanks @cslorabox though admittedly I’m not sure exactly where to look in the code. Thanks for your help though!

Fyi, for anyone stumbling on this thread it appears as though this is now available as of v3.10.

From the release notes:

  • Include consumed airtime metadata in uplink messages and join requests (see uplink_message.consumed_airtime field).