Unplugged gateway but still shows connected

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I'm writing an SOP for our pilot customer, I'm going to recommend TTN for him. As part of my testing I unplugged the gateway power, this is over an hour ago but on the console it is still showing as connected.
What am I doing wrong @johan?

Btw. the instructions for installing TTN for the multitech include this part:

wget https://github.com/kersing/multitech-installer/raw/master/installer.sh --no-check-certificate
chmod 777 installer.sh

That works and I hope it's the right way to do it.


The "is connected" for gateways with packet forwarders (default), indeed only indicate the fact that they have been connected. I think you're more interested in the last seen timestamp.

Gateways running the new gateway connector protocol will have an up to date connected indication. Software is available from @kersing for the Conduit for testing. This is a safer protocol too.

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gotcha, thanks!