Updating The TTN Stack V3 docker image

I’m planning to install the TTN Stack V3 On-Premises for my University. I tested the stack locally on my computer and everything seems to be working well. When thinking about the long term solution in the university, some concerns came regarding the maintenance of the solution.
With the dockerized version, it is possible to update the image of the container, so my question would be: will any kind of data be compromised when updating the image.
NOTE: It is known that the Data will be persisted by the DBs on the server’s Disk using volumes, but I’m not sure if there’s anything else.

You will need to read the release notes of the versions in between what you are running and the new version to check for changes like database schema updates. (And may-be backup the data before hand just in case.)

Please consider running most gateways on the public network to improve coverage of the public network, if everyone starts running private instances there won’t be a TTN anymore.


Thank you @kersing for the response. I appreciate it.

For your concern, we are considering the possibility to do a private to public connection to TTN. Not sure if it will get through, but hopefully :slight_smile:

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