Use data from ttn to build an appliquation with google map

hello every one , i m doing my first IOT project .in fact , i need to build an application that get data from ttn (data is coming from gps ) and show this localisation in a map.
i do know how to start ama what i can use to do this mission.
pls help me !!

easiest would be to use CAYENNE … this is allready integrated in TTN

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… on the other side, if this project has to be done for school/university, being an easy exercise, at least try to do it by yourself and when you find some issue, ask for help :wink:


Would you be looking for something like our map here?

I built this a while ago. Data travels like this:
gps sensor > code on device > sender antenna > TTN gateway > TTN > ttn http integration > AWS Lambda function > frequently updated static file in S3 > webpage with javascript polling the file every 5 seconds