Use Gateway as Lora only not LoraWAN


Hi There,

I have a technical case raised by one of my customer, he wanted to know if it is possible to use a gateway as a Lora receiver. In fact he need to receive Lora data on only one channel but at different SF.
He do not want to use LoraWAN, and optimize data to achieve best range.
Of course I think it’s do able with a node as a receiver but not sure he can receive multiple sf at the same time. But he has an outdoor GW with good antenna he want to use for testing.

Is it possible just changing the configuration file of the packet forwarder ? (I’m pretty sure not but asking just in case) or do we need to change something in the loragw stack ?



A gateway is a LoRa receiver (and transmitter) and nothing more.
For testing purpose you may use Semtech’s packet logger.


Correct didn’t thought about going into the semtech tools

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Interesting! If you have news about it, please post them.