V3 - uplink channel not found

Hi guys,

I have a LoRa Gateway Dragino LG02 and a LoRa Node connected to TTN V3 using this frequency plan (US_902_928_FSB_2), but when I trying see the payload, I see this message (Uplink channel not found) on data preview… On TTN V2 this configuration working without problem.

Captura de pantalla 2021-04-20 a la(s) 11.33.30 a. m.

¿What is the solution?

It`s so import for me can fix this problem, so I’ll be grateful for your answers!

The key word there is LoRa vs LoRaWAN what you have is a single/dual channel packet forwarder not a LoRaWAN GW. These should not be connected to TTN. Please remove asap and replace with a compliant 8 channel GW as these are disruptive to other users. Note: Dragino state these are for private/proprietary LoRa networks only and are not suitable for connection to TTN or for attempted LoRaWAN substitution…

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That is not a gateway, that is a Dual Channel Packet Forwarder that can only hear two channels at a time.

Whereas a gateway can hear on 8 channels and detect transmissions on any of the Spreading Factors at the same time - so there are 48 possibilities that the device can transmit on and your DCPF can only hear 2 of them.

So your device transmits a join request but your DCPF can’t transmit the answer as it won’t understand the request correctly. Until the device joins, it will never be able to uplink. Even if by some statistical co-incidence of channel selection, it would still suffer dropped uplinks as the gateway won’t be able to hear the majority of the frequency & SF combinations.

As this will cause similar disruption to other users of the community TTN, please disconnect your DCPF immediately.

PS, Dragino make it clear on their website that this item is not LoRaWAN compliant.

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Have you tried searching for that message?

And as mentioned please remove the non LoRaWAN compliant hardware from TTN.

Thanks for the information. I bougth a BroWan Gateway (WLRGFM-100) for this application, so this device has 8 channels.

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Thank you so much, for this information @descartes