Water Meter Connection

This are the values

Network key: The One that TTN tell me; I Put Network Session Key here
AppS key: Same
Dev Eui: I Preserve the one that was in the device
App Eui: What TTN tell me
App Key: What TTN Tell me
Tx Duty Cycle(send period),s: 60
Network ID: 0
OTAA enabled: 1
App Tx duty cycle: 1
Default bitrate: 0
Region: 8
Confirm MSG On: : 0
App Uplink Port: 100
App Downlink Port: 102
Adress On: 1
Dutycycle On: 0
Rx2 bitrate: 0
Lora Store period,s: 30
Lora Store Len: 1
App VIF Uplink Port: 101
App Alarm Uplink Port: 103
DevAddr: The one that TTN Tell me
T1 Tx Power: 15
Lora Alarm Mask: 0

Need some help please!

With OTAA enabled - you should leave Network Key, AppS Key and DevAddr blank as they will be assigned after an OTAA join.

Also make sure when you have registered the device in TTN that it is set to OTAA.

and what is Region 8? Does that correspond to your gateway settings?


Does anyone have a link to an Arduino Sketch for a water capacitative sensor connected to an Elecrow LoRa Radio Node v1.0 TB: IOTMCU and transmitting OTAA via LoRaWan gateway to TTN?