Watercourse and water level - any good experience?


We have a working LoRa-setup running and testing multiple ideas. We´re focussing on monitoring water level and perhaps flow rate (in first case not necessary) in smaller watercourses. Anyone that has some good experiences, that you can share?

  • Danny

Hi Danny,

We’ve seen some use cases measuring waterlevels with ultrasound for example.
Can you tell us (show ?) a bit more what you mean exactly , what your’e doing.
Is ‘we’ a company or a private person ?



I represent the local municipality. Our watercourse are in smaller scale, with maximum 2 meters depth and 5 meters wide. The case is that we´re planning monitoring the watercourse and later on installing local water stations. One scenario is that we´re interested in rise of the water level after rainfall.

LoRaWAN could be an excellent ‘fit’ for your use case I think.
One or more gateways, public or private backend and as much sensors as you need.
for example

I’m sure that someone here have some experience with this.

see use case

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