Weird traffic showing up on my gateway

(Bryansmith) #1

When I monitor my gateway traffic on the TTN console I see devices that definitely aren’t in range of my gateway appearing in my traffic stream.

I know this to be true due to the fact that if I switch to I see no traffic but the minute I change the forwarder back to TTN I get devices from Russia, Africa and many other weird devaddr’s that surely aren’t in range of my gateway.

What could be causing this?

(Arjan) #2

Maybe Loriot is not showing addresses of other providers (not showing data it cannot decipher)?

What packets do you see?

Even when a DevAddr prefix is assigned to a country-specific provider, someone in your neighborhood might just be using a random address. Even more: it might not even be LoRaWAN but just plain LoRa. The “trace” part of each received packet might give you some clues about what TTN is trying to do:

The network needs the secret network session key (NwkSKey) to validate the message integrity code (MIC) to even know if it’s LoRaWAN. TTN only knows that NwkSKey for TTN device addresses. Without that validation, TTN can only assume that the first bytes in a LoRa packet are even a LoRaWAN device address to start with.