What is the status of the TTN Gateway?

That’s not what I wrote. I appreciate the work that has been done by TTN to make the hardware useful to start with. And that’s why I’m okay with investing even more to support the community. Heck, I even considered not having any hardware shipped at all and have my investment just be a gift.

What do you mean by that? I’d assume the tax office does not care who pays the VAT, as long as it’s being paid.

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Wienke says on the FAQ…
“One of the ideas we have is to do a special event during our third day (community day) of The Things Conference and do a get together. And share the entire journey of the KS project (you have only seen 25% of the drama).”

Hmmm. sounds more like "I will not answer difficult questions until a highly profitable conference comes to a close.

Its almost as slippery as pretending that all gateways have been manufactured.

Wienke, where is my email about getting a gateway? I used to get emails aout progress and then a few months back, they stopped being sent. Was that deliberate? - to try and quietly exclude “pre-orders” without telling them?

What part of Joost’s question was not answered, and how’s that related to the conference? To me, the full comment reads like a sound answer:

Joost 2017-11-17

In the august update Wienke mentioned to “Host a big meetup in Amsterdam followed by other cities, where people can come and pick up the products in person.”. Sounded like an awesome idea to receive the devices in an Apple-like happy celebrating environment. Is this still going to happen? The email for confirmation of addresses has been send out, but I would rather swing by to pickup the package. As would many other backers from NL I remember from long ago (see shipping cost discussion).

Wienke Giezeman 2017-11-17

@joost indeed that was the plan. This would only work if we would ship it from The Netherlands. We did that with some UNOs and Nodes to test. But this turned out to be a very inefficient way to do this. The idea was to do an European roadshow. And bring the gateways ourselves.

We still really want to do this. One of the ideas we have is to do a special event during our third day (community day) of The Things Conference and do a get together. And share the entire journey of the KS project (you have only seen 25% of the drama).

(Though I feel “We still really want to do this.” might be erroneously interpreted as referring to picking up the hardware —which I think is not going to happen, if only as that would delay again until February— instead of referring to hosting a meetup.)

Do you know something we don’t? Then please share.

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I asked this question
"Its great to hear
"…So the products were all created in one batch…"
but does this apply only for Kickstarter backers?
Or can I expect a lovely email telling me when I will be getting a shiny new gateway :slight_smile:"

My answer from Wienke was
"This discussion are only about KS orders "

However, Wienke has previously said this in this thread
In post 63

“We will be reaching out to the individual backers and buyers to confirm the order content and verify the correct address. Do keep an eye out for the email in the following weeks.”

In post 73

"There are a two categories

  • Kickstarter backers - the pledge did not pay VAT and have to pay VAT on receiving the products
  • Preorder pledge through website - did pay VAT, were exempted from VAT and do not have to pay VAT when they receive the products. Or did not pay VAT because they were non EU orders.
    The reason we could keep the cost low and make this whole project is because of the extra scale this provided. So the products were all created in one batch.

If my gateway has already been made and is waiting to be delivered, I would have received a proper answer to my question and also an email AS PROMISED BY WIENKE ABOVE.

@Wienke - am I getting an email or not?

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The email I got November 14th mentions:

1. Confirm your address

On confirming the address and the content of the package with this email, you will receive an acknowledgement with the shipping carrier assigned to your order.

2. Get a tracking code

You will receive a tracking code which you can use for keeping an eye on the delivery.

Q. When can we (as backers) expect to receive our gateway?

A. Once you have the tracking ID, you can retrieve the date and the details for your package. We are going to start the first round of shipment from November 20th onwards. We will be communicating and updating the details on the Kickstarter page.

After doing step 1, how long does it take to get a tracking code?

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Hi Arjan,

We are in the middle of getting the confirmation from all the backers and buyers. Will be assigning the shipping carrier in the next 2-3 days along with the tracking id. The first batch of gateways will be shipped next week so will keep everyone posted.



According to a message on Slack:

@rish 10:03 AM
starting with the first batch of shipment this week



Must say that white beard looks good on Wienke. :wink:


LOL … it used to be dark before the GW production :sunglasses:


sinterklaas wienke :wink:


Still no e-mail or confirmation received. Something wrong with my pledge/order .

Don’t worry I’m backer #81 and haven’t had any confirmation email either

If you didn’t get an email around November 14th, then another statement on Slack might apply:

@rish 7:07 PM
[…] we sent out the email to all the EU and US backers initially. Orders from rest of the world will be fulfilled in the second batch which will commence from second week of December, straight after the first batch. A lot of countries still have strict laws around importing so checking with those backers and then shipping them.

I live in the Netherlands so i should have received an email if this is correct… Checked the complete mailbox including spam nothing…

The email that you did not get, also stated:

If anything is incorrect or still needs to be updated, please drop an email to info@thethingsproducts.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope that helps.

(It was sent using MailChimp. For me, the subject was “Order # 322 Kickstarter - Verify address and content” and the sender info@thethingsproducts.com.)

Thanks Arjan , email sent to info@thethingsproducts.com

Did anything happen until today? If yes, what exactly? How many parcels have been shipped now? When has the first parcel arrived, respective when will it arrive? What about additional fees? Remember: This is the last working day of the week in Europe.

I’m sorry… no idea, hope someone can inform us here today

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did anybody receive a tracking ID or a gateway ? no infos here