What is the status of the TTN Gateway?

According to a message on Slack:

@rish 10:03 AM
starting with the first batch of shipment this week



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Still no e-mail or confirmation received. Something wrong with my pledge/order .

Don’t worry I’m backer #81 and haven’t had any confirmation email either

If you didn’t get an email around November 14th, then another statement on Slack might apply:

@rish 7:07 PM
[…] we sent out the email to all the EU and US backers initially. Orders from rest of the world will be fulfilled in the second batch which will commence from second week of December, straight after the first batch. A lot of countries still have strict laws around importing so checking with those backers and then shipping them.

I live in the Netherlands so i should have received an email if this is correct… Checked the complete mailbox including spam nothing…

The email that you did not get, also stated:

If anything is incorrect or still needs to be updated, please drop an email to info@thethingsproducts.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope that helps.

(It was sent using MailChimp. For me, the subject was “Order # 322 Kickstarter - Verify address and content” and the sender info@thethingsproducts.com.)

Thanks Arjan , email sent to info@thethingsproducts.com

Did anything happen until today? If yes, what exactly? How many parcels have been shipped now? When has the first parcel arrived, respective when will it arrive? What about additional fees? Remember: This is the last working day of the week in Europe.

I’m sorry… no idea, hope someone can inform us here today

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did anybody receive a tracking ID or a gateway ? no infos here

Nope, no confirmation of shipment yet for me.

After submitting my details on order #159, one of the early backers, from the Netherlands… no more details. Nothing. No tracking code, no confirmation.

I’m order 1313. US delivery so not an issue with VAT

I received my address confirmation e-mail on Nov 21st and replied on the same day.

No shipment confirmation yet

Hi all

Just sent a confirmation to all the backers and buyers who have filled in the details. It took a bit longer than anticipated to process all the confirmations. As for the products, they have reached the warehouse in Hong Kong last week and the details have already been forwarded to the shipping carrier. Once it is verified with the carrier, we can start with shipping them out.

*Please note that only EU and US orders have been processed in this batch. For the rest, we will be reaching out as soon as this batch is over (after 10th Dec).

In case anyone has any query or need more information, please drop a line info@thethingsproducts.com.


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Confirmation of details received. Next step is receiving tracking ID and the actual shipment.

Hello @rish,

We (as a company) have ordered the gateway from the shop. In the e-mail that was sent to the buyers, it was mentioned that those who ordered from the shop and didn’t pay VAT (like me, because my company has a European VAT number) will have their gateways delivered at DDU parity. I replied to your notification e-mail almost two weeks ago, but I have got no answer. So let me use this opportunity to make some remarks.

With no offense meant, I have to indicate again that this issue on DDU/DDP parity is really not in line with the European Directives on VAT. I won’t quote here the whole content of my e-mail, but let me remind you that the web shop you operate is within the European Union. And if the buyer is within the European Union, even if you charge VAT or not, you will remain the importer of the gateways. Therefore you simple can’t ask the buyer to pay customs, duties and VAT to the carrier. As I wrote in my e-mail, you can organize the shipment from Hong Kong, but you will remain the importer of the gateways, meaning that it will be you, that is The Things Product B.V. who will have to pay import customs, duties and even VAT (you may re-charge this to European private persons and Dutch business buyers but you can’t charge it to business buyers from other parts of the European Union having a valid VAT number. Of course this is all history because these gateways were already invoiced and paid by the buyers, so you should already have done all these financial settlements).

In case you don’t agree with me, I can further clarify the situation.