What's the best way to keep networks separate?

Hi all,
I have a HopeRF module RFM95, which is similar to the Semtech SX1272. My goal is to implement a multinode network with LoRa to control robots. But I also want the ability for two networks to operate simultaneously without interfering with each other. That is, the other networks will have separate robots (we don’t want the robots from one network to be controlled from another network).

We were thinking that the frequency hopping and syncword would keep things reasonably separate, but what we’re finding is that the networks step on each other and the throughput goes way down for everyone probably because everyone is transmitting at the same frequency.

It would be great if we could just tweak the hopping pattern (or something – invert IQ?) so that the networks are likely not transmitting at the same frequency at the same time. Another thought is that there are better devices that handle this kind of network separation better… I suppose I could tweak the center frequency, but we’re imagining something that you configure – like “I’m on channel 0x1b” but adjusting the center frequency has antenna and regulation implications.

How is this typically addressed?


Not here, because LoRaWAN is all we do, as this is funded by TTI, we don’t discuss point to point LoRa - so these are not the robots you are looking for - try the Arduino forum.