What's your experience with pcbs.io?


Does anyone received board ordered from PCBs.io?

I received first pack (other boards) last week, my WeMos Gateways looks pretty isn't it ?

Well, bad surprise boards are just useless, the ground plane vias are not done, yes not on the board, amazing not?
I sent a email to support hopping it's just a batch problem. So if anyone has board from them in hands, would be interested to know if all is okay for you because I'm waiting so much boards from them that I'm really anxious !!!

Edit : Got a fast response from Erick from digistump, it was a panel issue all other are good, they'll send me back new boards :wink:

Anyone tried Laird RM1XX modules?

I tried to take a Hi Res picture (well kind of with my iPhone 5SE :wink: ) so you can compare board from OSHPark and PCBs.io

As you can see, silk has some differences, reading is easier on OSH boards (click picture to enlarge) :wink:


and what's your conclusion about quality, productionspeed, service ect. ?

(I really like OSHPark, very communicative during production)


Well PCBs.io is really a new service, I can't blame them because they just start and OSHPark are here for long time but what I can say:

  • Silk is better from OSH, no discuss on that point
  • Web site is better and next gen with PBCs.io, but you have no order history (yet?) ;-(
  • Tracking process, more information on OSH (when it's panelized, when it's going to fab, ...) PCBs.io says order taken, then some days after, order sent in between you have no light
  • PBCs.io is cheaper and you have 4 boards and they give rewards on shared boards
  • Black PCB is cool but it's very hard to follow trace, for testing/prototyping it can be an issue, I'm following them often because I don't have always schematics under my eyes.
  • Speed : Pcbs.io took 14 days between order and shipping (ordered July 7th sent July 21th), but they have less volume so I think with more volume it will go faster. latest OSH Park took 10 days (ordered June 3th, shipped June 13th) but sometimes take only 5/6 days
  • Both are free shipping over the world with USPS

So both services are fine and provide excellent boards, depends on what you want to do, hi quality (does it really needed for prototyping?) vs price/quantity ?


and off course a deserved fair share for the open source designer ! :sunglasses:


After waiting since 05-12-2016 I finally received the pcbs from pcbs.io :slight_smile:

But hey, I even received 6 instead of 4! :smile:


Hello @Charles ! Do you have any idea what is going on with pcbs.io? They have no contact information on their site (BTW their mail is pcbs@makerbright.com) and i don't know if they are still in business.

Thank you,


A few months ago I saw a sign ' for sale ' on their site.

A snapshot from October 17th 2016:

PCBs.io is for sale!

Please continue to use this service. All orders will be processed as normal, we are not closing or changing the service in any way!

For more details about this see this page.


Yes I think new owner of PCBs.io have some problem for now, hope this will solved soon. That weird because I used OSHPArk for years without any problem but they refuse to give me rewards like PCBs.io I asked them twice but they won't and that's not fair because since 6 month I earned $260 for PCBs.io so I can't imagine how much of my boards were ordered on OSHPark for years.

But for for end users like you, even if it's little more expensive, you can order on OSHPark, trust me service rocks and you'll get your board faster

Because look below will take at least 6 weeks from ordering to reception (including 4 weeks to build board)


wow Charles.. I see you're getting rich from your openhardware community work :wink:

(Arjan) #11

It's not sure it has been sold, is it? The For Sale page is still on the site, though not linked from the homepage. Also, no word on http://digistump.com but that's a bit outdated anyhow.

Or does the following email address indicate there's a new owner?

Unfortunately, https://www.makerbright.com/blog/ is a 500 Internal Server Error right now.

(Arjan) #12

Ah, it seems it has a new owner indeed: https://www.makerbright.com/services/pcb-manufacturing (unless Maker|Bright and Digistump were related already).


arjan the digital detective :sunglasses:


I just passed my first order last week :confused:
Are your 4 weeks start from the order, or when they sent the board to the fab house ?


@Oliv It was 4 weeks between order and shipping, but I think they had some issues because usually it was 2 weeks.

@arjanvanb good catch, and there is no contact email on the site, I had to talk with Erik (Digistump creator) when PCBs.io was core of Digistump but now I don't know who to talk with.

(Jac Kersing) #16

I ordered some boards of one of the designs @Charles made available on pcbs.io last sunday and just got the message the order has been sent to the factory.


Yeah, everything seems to be back, 2 weeks between order and shipping :wink:


It seems that they are now on Twitter, and @Charles logo is on every panel !


@Oliv, thanks for the head up. Funny to see my boards on it, they could have assembled some :wink:

(Esch) #20

I ordered some boards which @Charles designed the 03/01 and got them delivered to france the 06/02.
So about 4 weeks. The boards work fine. It took about 1 week until the boards were ordered in china. about 2 weeks for production and shipment to the US. One week shipment from the US to france.