What's your experience with pcbs.io?


I have ordered pcbs on 12.2. and received from Florida to Slovenia on 4.3. They have sent me even one piece of each kind of three pcb more. Quality of pcb is quite good. So from my experience they are reliable.

(Iranwes) #22

I have not used PCBs.io or OSHPark, i use Seeed Studio Fusion for PCB prototype for a year, it's a great alternatives in price, quality is fine too.

(Allen) #23

So their website says boards are shipped within 7-10 days, and my prior 2 orders ran within this window. I now have a board that’s been paid for and sitting there for 20 days, and reading through this thread this seems like it might be normal. As others have noted, there are zero contact details on their site to even ask about status. Are they even still in business? They’re happy to take the money, but not so happy to offer any sort of communication or support.

This will for sure be the last time I use them. I don’t mind long lead times if they’re up front about it, but pulling all contact information from the web site is a pretty bad sign.

(Deux Vis) #24

I have had delays from order to shipping between 10 and 24 days in the past at pcbs.io

Being a batch production system, it all depends if you order when the next panel is soon going to be full or just started accumulating orders.

In my opinion this is not a system for hurried people with delay constraints, but it is great for hobbyists.

(Batigolle) #25

Hi all
My experience
Ordered 15 boards (3 types x 5), destination Italy
Shipped after 15 days
Arrived after 29 days from the order

(Wijnand) #26

Is there anyone who knows how to communicate (e.i. e-mail address) with PCBs.io? Please help!

[PCB] Arduino Pro mini + RFM95W + 18650 LiPo with freq uA deep sleep and solar chargeable

I got pcbs there ordered too since 2018-03-30 and all it shows “in Fabrication”, wondering if i will see them at all…