What's your experience with pcbs.io?


And there is no way to contact them - if anyone got a email/etc. i would be glad and trying to get the matter solved.

(Ud Lo Ra) #42

Yesterday I received my very first boards, slightly less than one month from order (about 15 days to produce, rest for delivery to Italy). However, the status is still “in fabrication”, so it should not be trusted.

(Amedee) #43

Indeed, all my completed orders are still shown as ‘In Fabrication’.
I got an e-mail when they were shipped.


Looks like the end of August shipping info is no more displayed, but I always got an email on shipping and always received my boards. sometimes 3 weeks, other 6 weeks. You can’t rely on delay.


(Jeff Uk) #45

Have just ordered 2 sets of your RM186 breakout boards as a new user (didnt set up account) using Paypal - system told me ~14 days for shipment and ‘waiting for panelisation’ so will see how long it actually takes and will report back as it progresses/when delivered. :wink: