What's your experience with pcbs.io?


And there is no way to contact them - if anyone got a email/etc. i would be glad and trying to get the matter solved.

(Ud Lo Ra) #42

Yesterday I received my very first boards, slightly less than one month from order (about 15 days to produce, rest for delivery to Italy). However, the status is still “in fabrication”, so it should not be trusted.

(Amedee) #43

Indeed, all my completed orders are still shown as ‘In Fabrication’.
I got an e-mail when they were shipped.


Looks like the end of August shipping info is no more displayed, but I always got an email on shipping and always received my boards. sometimes 3 weeks, other 6 weeks. You can’t rely on delay.


(Jeff Uk) #45

Have just ordered 2 sets of your RM186 breakout boards as a new user (didnt set up account) using Paypal - system told me ~14 days for shipment and ‘waiting for panelisation’ so will see how long it actually takes and will report back as it progresses/when delivered. :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #48

To update bds just arrived today. Even though pcbs.io still showing as in fabrication on status page looks like they just hit the 14day window arriving with UK customs & royal mail on 3rd Dec. Bds look fine :slight_smile:

Main issue - not pcb.io’s fault - is as I consolidated 2 types to save postage it just crossed the $:£ exchange rate to get caught for vat/customs - should have been just below UK limit of £15 before attracting tax but ended up just over inc shipping :frowning:

~$21 (~£16) should have been subject to ~$4+ Vat but some admin type converted that to £4+…then Royal Mail added £8 handling ! :frowning: So £15 of pcbs ended up atracting >£12 of additional charges…damn…will split & pay 2x postage next time - it will be cheaper…and will save 1hr+ round trip in pouring rain (its the UK, right!) to pay the charges and collect vs just having postman deliver :wink:

…does anyone know of similar low cost/reasonable service operations here in UK or in EU/EEA…and can we get @Charles et al to use them!? :wink:

Have just finished build of 5x @Charles Rev 1.3b Rak831 RPi0W i/f bds for new custom GW’s and will need to order more (later rev) soon so will have opp to test them again when I do…

(Amedee) #49

Good point @Jeff-UK

It is even worse for me: as from 20€ (goods + shipping), I need to pay 25€+VAT handling fee + taxes.
While it’s fair to pay taxes, the fixed amount is really a pain for relatively low cost items.
Whenever possible I try to stay under this amount, for some more expensive PCB’s it doesn’t always work…

(Jeff Uk) #50

Had something similar last month - a friend arranged for a sensor device manufacturer in Switzerland to send me a bunch of sample eval bds with total value €20…via UPS who historically I have found to be one of the worst and who I don’t use myself if I can help it now. UPS wanted £11.25 handling - making the £8 Royal Mail look cheap! Now €20 was again ~£17+ so slightly above the £15 limit for Vat charges cutting in… problem is UPS wanted to charge me £12.87 for that element WTF!..UK VAT already too high @ 20% but god knows who plucked 70%+ out of the hat…leaving a charge of £24+ for goods worth ~£17.

Some might suggest the carriers are running some sort of a racket…I couldn’t possibly comment! but when presented with such small bills many companies ‘just pay’ and dont even think to question the charge…

(Zac Abe) #51

Worst mistake I made was purchasing PCB boards from PCB.io! It’s been almost 1 month since placing my order and they still have not shipped the boards. Also, there is no support from them whatsoever.