When will the node 'retransmit'?

I’m completely confused by the information.

Does retransmission occur in confirmed message or unconfirmed message?

I only see the retransmission related fields in the ADR command. Where can I get the message-related contents?

Only for confirmed messages when the node does not receive a confirmation. And confirmed messages should be used sparingly if at all. TTN allows max 10 downlinks including confirmation messages per node per day, however with larger numbers of nodes even 10 downlinks will not scale.

Thx for reply.

Can you give me the source of this phenomenon?Is this defined in some specifications? Detailed process is really helpful.


Have you checked the LoRaWAN specification?

I refer to it and find actually it has a connection with both confirmed and unconfirmed message, which is described in chapter Retransmission procedure.