Where do you keep your data?


So we’ve got a gateway up in Bristol now, so I’m starting to think about setting up a node and collecting some data.

Where do people store/ graph their data?

I quite like the look of Thingspeak It’s Free & Open source & £free. It looks fairly easy to back your data up or query it. They provide charts that can be embeded in websites.

Are there other £free hosted platforms like this I should consider?




Visualize (and push) your IOT data :sunglasses:


Have a look at OpenSensors.io as they have a free plan for public community projects. If you’d seen the TTN roadmap you would have seen their logo on there as one of the coming integration partners. So look out for closer integration of end nodes too.

I’ve known them for a number of years now and continue to work with them on a number of projects.




Thanks Andrew, that’s helpful.

I guess one approach would be to use a few of these services as redundancy.

If one or two fail your data is still safe.

Has anyone sucessfully set up Freeboard?

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@sam-1 did you try Thingspeak?

I would like to use it as well but not sure what the method is



No not got around to it yet. Would like to know how you get on though